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pídele con FE, siempre te CONCEDE. La tumba más popular, la más querida y respetada del Cementerio de Colón en la Habana, es indudablemente la de La Milagrosa.
Ha alcanzado una enorme fama a lo largo de los años por conceder milagros a muchísimas personas, principalmente madres que como último recurso han acudido a ella en busca de protección para sus hijos, salud o para rogarle la posibilidad de poder engendrarlos.
Nunca faltan flores en esa sencilla y modesta bóveda, ni faltan personas que van a hacer peticiones o respetuosamente a saludar a la famosa mujer. En este artículo resumimos la triste historia de Amelia, compartimos… More
ask him with FAITH, he ALWAYS GRANTS YOU. The most popular tomb, the most beloved and respected of the Columbus Cemetery in Havana, is undoubtedly that of Miraculous.
She has gained enormous fame over the years for granting miracles to many people, mainly mothers who have come to her as a last resort to seek protection for their children, health, or to beg for the possibility of being able to beg them.
Never missing flowers in that simple and modest vault, nor missing people who will make requests or respectfully greet the famous woman. In this article we summarize Amelia’s sad story, we share photos and the location of the grave, for those who wish to meet and visit her. Story of Amelia Goyri, the Miraculous
Amelia Goyri’s story is a sad love story that became legend forever.
According to the story Amelia Goyri de la Hoz from a young age, she was in love with Jose Vicente Adot Rabell, who corresponded to her love, but because of the boy’s lower social status, his parents were resoundingly opposed to this relationship.
That’s why Amelia had to wait for her father’s death, so she could marry the man she really loved.
A year after marriage had passed when complications due to hypertension and both die, the creature and the mother who was just 23 years old were just 23 years old.
This happened on May 3, 1901, the day Christians celebrate the Day of the Blessed Cruz.
Amelia was buried in a modest vault of Columbus Cemetery as the husband opposed her being buried as appropriate for her social rank, in the luxurious pantheon of the Marques of Balboa.
As was customary at the time the woman was buried with the lifeless girl placed at her feet.
The husband was so in love, that death almost upset his reason.
She was reportedly visiting her grave two and three times a day, playing in marble with one of the argoles to wake her beloved up and continued to visit her daily for 40 years until the date of her death.
The sad story of José Vicente comes to the ears of his friend the Cuban artist Jose Vilalta Saavedra, the same author of the sculptural monument above the cover of the cemetery, the Jose Mart í Monument in the Central Park, the Monument to the eight medical students , the Monument to Francisco Albear in the square of his name and many other works, who upon learning about the event offered to create a sculpture for the woman.
At the time the artist was in Italy, so I ask the husband to send her a photograph to make it as close as possible. There he did the work with marble from Carrara and brought it to Cuba personally in 1909.
The result is the sculpture that adorns the grave today, a young woman whose sight is headed up high with allusive attributes to Faith and Charity, loads a child with one arm and with the other holds a cross. The cross has a great meaning because Amelia died on May 3, the day of the Holy Cross.
They say the day the sculpture was placed in the grave, Amelia reincarnated in that marble figure.
From that moment Jose Vicente, who appeared daily to the grave, incorporated a new ritual, as he was going to leave, he slowly withdrew without turning his back.
That’s why to this day believers after making a petition to Amelia, they retire in that same way. Years later in 1914 when Amelia had been dead for 13 years, Jose Vicente’s father dies and it is decided to bury him in the same vault as Amelia, for which he proceeds to exhume his remains.
Jose Vicente asks to be present to see Amalia for the last time and with stupor discover all the present that the two bodies were intact and that Amelia narrowed the creature in her arms.
After that, the vault was again covered and was preserved untouchable until today. This event spread across the city and country.
From that moment Amelia became ′′ The Miracle ′′ and the protector of future mothers, mothers and children, to whom she grants miracles.
Jose Vicente died in 1941 and according to his wishes he was buried with his beloved.
The famous ring of the vault cover that I play for 40 years disappeared, but still keep the other three that the faithful day by day touch to wake Amelia up and make requests with faith. The tomb of the Miracle today
Amelia Goyri de la Hoz’s tomb, The Miraculous, is a holy place, revered and highly respected by believers and non-believers.
His image is known outside and inside the country.
Today the restored grave never lacks flowers and daily she flock thousands of people who wait patiently to touch the marble stone, ask La Miracle for their children and withdraw respectfully without turning their back on the statue of the woman who everything hears. Mother’s Day is almost impossible to go to this place because of the large number of visitors.
With the permission of the owners of the grave, offerings such as baby clothes, bottles, toys and even money, which leave believers on the pantheon’s tombstone, are taken with extreme humility by a person regularly to the congregation of Saint Teresa, at their headquarters of the Vedado where they are destined for charity purposes. ·

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