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La Grandeza de ser Cubano * Los cubanos somos la candela, los que inventamos

La Grandeza de ser Cubano * Los cubanos somos la candela, los que inventamos el mantecado, el café con leche y el sándwich cubano. * No venimos de una islita, sino de La Perla de las Antillas. * Nosotros sabemos exactamente por donde le entra el agua al coco. Tenemos las respuestas, antes que nos hagan las preguntas. * Nosotros no nos enteramos, nosotros sabemos eso desde hace un siglo. * Nosotros no somos flacos, somos un fideo. * No somos gordos, parecemos un elefante. * Nosotros no cerramos una puerta, nosotros la trancamos. * Nosotros no solamente bailamos, sino que después «nadie nos puede quitar lo bailao». * Nosotros llegamos como… More
* Cubans are the candle, those who invent butter, latte and Cuban sandwich. * We don’t come from an island, but from The Pearl of the West Indies. * We know exactly where the water comes into the coconut. We have the answers, before they ask us the questions. * We haven’t heard, we know that for a century. * We are not skinny, we are a noodle. * We are not fat, we look like an elephant. * We don’t close a door, we trank it. * We don’t just dance, but then ′′ no one can take away what we dance «. * We arrived as refugees and ended up buying the Shelter. * We don’t die a singer, but a queen dies!!! * We were not born in any town, but in the best town Cuba had. * We don’t like gossip, it just entertains us. There is not a single fact, not a single news that takes us as a surprise. * We don’t sleep like everyone else, we sleep like a lip. * We not only dream asleep but we can dream awake. * We consider that all rulers of the world, baseball manager, captains of industries, etc., should call us daily to indicate the steps to follow. * No one takes us from goofballs, ′′ nor gives us cat by hare «. * We escaped from Mandrake or Tamakun below the turban. * And with us no one argues or disagree because the other is always wrong. * For us ′′ What was there?» it’s not a question, but a greeting, because we perfectly know what was there, what is there and what will be. * If we like something much we say it’s barbarian, or it’s wild. * To a woman with a tremendous body we say that ′′ she’s a monster «. And if it’s the opposite, we say ′′ she’s a mother.» * Us when someone dies, we don’t say they died, but they ′′ stretched the paw ′′ or ′′ sang the manisero,» and if it was an accident ′′ what happened to Chacumbele ′′ you know…. * We don’t need surnames to shine in the firmament: Celia, Olga, Glory, Cachao, Andy, Benny. * And those who call last names is because they don’t need names: Mart í, Lecuona, etc. * And sometimes no names or last names: Chicharito, Three Skates, Gavilan, Chocolate, Sopeira, Mamacusa. * We can give a bilingual apology: ′′ I’m sorry with excuse me «. * We can improve others food: paella, fried rice, spaghetti. * The best pizza is Cuban pizza, like Cuban bread, Cuban coffee and of course Cuban sweet potato. What about the hash?
* We are unique. * I love being Cuban! How about you? ·

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