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OTRA JOYITA DE LA GENERACIÓN AVESTRUZ El hijo Primer Ministro de Cuba, Manuel

El hijo Primer Ministro de Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, viaja en uno de los jets privados que usan Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro y otros altos dirigentes del país para salir al extranjero. El avión es uno de los tres aparatos regalados por el expresidente venezolano Hugo Chávez al gobierno de la Isla en los años 2000. Así lo confirman varias fotos que Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina ha colgado en su perfil de Instagram, donde no dejan de aparecer instantáneas de viajes, hoteles, cenas, fiestas, un tren de vida común entre los hijos de los dirigentes cubanos. «Volando de regreso a casa», escribió el joven holguinero al postear el pasado año un álbum de… More
The plane is one of three devices gifted by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to the island government in the 2000. s. This is confirmed by several photos that Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina has posted on his Instagram profile, where instant travels, hotels, dinners, parties, a train of common life among the children of Cuban leaders appear. ′′ Flying back home «, wrote the young slackman posting a photo album with his maternal sister Mariam Ramos last year. To young Marrero, ′′ travel, makeup lover and photography addict «, as he defines himself, he can be seen in the private Jet Dassault Falcon 50, whose price is around $ 4 million Dollars. When last October Diaz-Canel and First Lady Lis Cuesta officially visited President Andrés Manuel L ópez in Mexico, they did so at the Dassault Falcon 50, with Venezuelan registration YV-2053, which is part of the gift lot Castro by Hugo Chavez, died in March 2013. In one publication, the Cuban website discovered explained that Venezuelan license plates are maintained so that they can be repaired anywhere in the world, without being affected by the United States embargo, as aircraft possess three Garrett TFE 731 engines, and many of his electronic equipment was made in that country. Manuel Alejandro, son of the marriage between Manuel Marrero and Solange Medina, graduated from Sociocultural Studies at the University of Holgu ínn. Today he is a commercial specialist in the travel agency Gaviota Tours, belonging to the Cuban Armed Forces. Marrero son has been seen visiting Orlando in Florida, United States, where photos posted on the social network Facebook live part of his family, including his mother, sister and maternal aunt Sucel Medina. The mother, Solange Medina, served as an accountant at the Costa Verde Beach Hotel in Holgu ínn Province. Although much of his family lives in the United States, the son of Cuba’s new Prime Minister prefers to stay on the island, enjoying its benefits and living a life of luxury. It is frequent in the country’s hotels such as the Sun Rio de Luna and River Mares, in Guardalavaca; at night dinners; taking with friends at the Middle Bodeguita of Holgu ínn Province, or celebrating Valentine’s Day at The Passion Bar, in that same eastern city of the country. His Instagram profile includes the long list of hotels that the young man often visits, such as the Holgu ínn Beach Resort, the Second Front Hotel, the Hotel Sol Mermaid Coral, and the Iberostar Selection Ensenachos, in Key Ensenachos. Manuel Marrero Cruz served as Minister of Tourism from 2004 to this Saturday, when ruler Miguel D Díaaz-Canel appointed him to the position of Prime Minister, a proposal approved unanimously by the 594 deputies meeting in plenary session. Marrero will hold the position that Fidel Castro previously held since the beginning of the Revolution and until 1976, when the post was abolished when the first constitution of the socialist stage came into effect. Architect by profession, Marrero has worked at the military company Gaviota, in the same company as his son currently works. Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina integrates the long list of children, grandchildren or family members of Cuban leaders living an affluent life and exhibit it without modesty, while ordinary Cubans are discussed between a wage increase, the supply booklet, the quota of chicken for the month or lack of fuel in the country. Source ·

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