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Mi regalo.

Mi regalo…mis palabras. Ciudadanos del mundo…
¡Una sola creación!
¡Es el hombre insensato el que causa división!
¡Multitud de banderas elévense en el aire!
Cuál paloma preciosa muestren su amor de madre. Cuando Dios nos ha creado el no hizo diferencias.
Su amor nos arropó y él no puso cadenas.
Las cadenas las pone hombre que es insensato.
¡Jugando con la vida! ¡Desafiando a lo alto! Ciudadanos del mundo…¡Libertad es tan nuestra!
Nos robó el infeliz…el que habita tinieblas.
Ese del corazón entumido y nefasto
que enarbola ambición y odio por el hermano. El que goza al mirar sufrimiento y pobreza…
haciendo de un país noche fría y sin estrellas.
¡Pero no existe nada que eterno pueda… More
Citizens of the world…
One creation!
It’s the foolish man who causes division!
Crowd of flags pick up in the air!
What precious pigeon show their mother love. When God created us he made no difference.
His love tucked us in and he didn’t put chains on.
Chains are made by man who is foolish.
Playing with life! Challenging to the top! Citizens of the world… Freedom is so ours…
The unhappy one stole from us… the one who dwells darkness.
That one with the numb and nefarious heart
that enarbola ambition and hatred for brother. The one who enjoys looking at suffering and poverty…
making a country cold and starless night.
But there is nothing that can be eternal
when divine hand comes to protect us! Beautiful and beautiful homeland, dry your crying soul!
Because the smile of aurora looks pretty.
Comes like this refulgent like pink in dew.
My heart sees him! I feel him and look at him! The relentless lion will see his arms fold..
and will have to migrate to cloudy deserts.
Because nothing is eternal… Everything has an end!
And a longing beginning already begins to shine. My words try to be caresses to the soul.
And my verses kisses to your contradicted soul.
A simple gift but full of love.
My wishes for justice and right in glory. If I could give them more than that I would!
Would paint your mornings and your nights pretty!
With brush of hope my song is written.
With the genuine illusion….de look at another sun. Rosa Andrade.
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