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Alerta urgente Último Minuto #Cuba #COVID19 La situación empeoró Consejo de


Alerta 🚨 urgente Último Minuto #Cuba #COVID19 ⭕ ⚠️ La situación empeoró Consejo de Defensa Provincial de La Habana anuncia medidas restrictivas para esta Fase I. ⚠️ Entrarán en VIGOR esta madrugada: 12 de la noche, excepto transporte interprovincial que será el martes 12 de Enero a las 00:00 horas. ⚠️ Este sábado en la noche no habrá cines teatros bares, ni actividad recreativa de ningún tipo. ⚠️ Cese del transporte público y privado ( cuentrapopista) entre 9: 00 p.m. y 5:00 am. ⚠️ Cese de TODO el transporte #interprovincial , incluyendo los porteadores privados a partir de las 00:00 horas del 12 de Enero.
Se mantendrán pendientes ante la reservación o se devolverá el dinero. ⚠️ El… More
⚠️ The situation worsened Havana Provincial Defense Council announces restrictive measures for this Phase I. ⚠️ They will enter VIGOR this morning: 12 pm, except inter-provincial transportation that will be Tuesday, January 12th at 00:00 pm. ⚠️ This Saturday night there will be no theatres bars, no recreational activity of any kind. ⚠️ Cessation of public and private transportation (trapopist) between 9 pm and 5:00 am. ⚠️ Cease all #interprovincial transportation, including private carriers starting at 00:00 p.m. on January 12
They will stay pending before reservation or money will be returned. ⚠️ Private (not private) and state transportation if you can enter and exit Havana for the boarding points to be established for health control. ⚠️ From 7 pm NO stay in parks, places or other public places. You can travel at all hours without making stays. ⚠️ Private parties prohibited, those who fail to comply with this measure will be fined and filed in court. ⚠️ Closing of bars and centers
late night. ⚠️ Bulk rum sale suspended; keep bottled to go. ⚠️ Public activities are prohibited. ⚠️ Gyms closed, BIO’s stay healthy. ⚠️ Cinemas, theatres and concert halls are closing. ⚠️ State pools and particulars are closed. ⚠️ Family visits to prisons are suspended; lawyers are maintained. ⚠️ Grandparent s’ houses are maintained but with restrictions in case any greater resides in open focus area. ⚠️ Stomach clinics: only emergency, pregnant women, prosthetic earrings and under 19 years of age will be treated. ⚠️ Reduce non-urgent hospital services to 50 %. ⚠️ For 60 days, treatment of pensions due to age or illness, only those already in process will be managed ⚠️ TPC’s outpatient exercise will have to do so in a fixed place. They keep: ➕️ The school year in all teachings. ➕️ The banking and Cadeca services. ➕️ José Mart í International Airport services, with companion limitation: only 2 people including the driver. ➕️ Tourist activity for domestic and foreign but no excursions. Hotels will limit their capacity to 60 %. pool to 30 %. ➕️ Payment of electricity, gas, water and phone bills in commercial offices. Hygienic measures will be strengthened in those locations. ➕️ Library, museum and gallery services. ·

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