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PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR!! El hundimiento del remolcador 13 de Marzo, 26 años de impuni

PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR!! El hundimiento del remolcador 13 de Marzo, 26 años de impunidad Este 13 de julio se conmemora otro aniversario del ataque por orden del régimen castrista a una embarcación en la que murieron ahogados 37 cubanos. Además de cabalístico, el número 13 se convirtió en un número que representa dolor para los cubanos. Este 13 de julio se conmemoran 26 años del hundimiento del remolcador 13 de Marzo, uno de los hechos más atroces que se le atribuyen al régimen de la isla. La embarcación en la que huían 72 personas en busca de libertad en la madrugada del 13 de julio de 1994 fue atacada con potentes chorros lanzados desde una embarcación que salió al encuentro del remolcador, en… More
This July 13 marks another anniversary of the castratist regime’s attack on a ship in which 37 Cubans were drowned. In addition to cabalistic, number 13 became a number that represents pain for Cubans. This July 13 marks 26 years since the collapse of March 13th tugboat, one of the most heinous events attributed to the island regime. The ship fleeing 72 people seeking freedom in the early morning of July 13, 1994 was attacked with powerful drips thrown from a boat that came to encounter the tugboat, following orders from the authorities Cubans, until the ship loaded with islanders stormed seven miles off the coast of Havana. The result of the action left 37 dead, 10 of which were children. Jorge Garcia, writer and activist who lost 14 of his family members after the regime’s brutal operation, claims that despite the passing of the years ′′ crime ′′ is still so present in his mind that ′′ there is no day that does not think of all the victims ′′ who left that fact, presented by the Cuban authorities ′′ as an accident «. The beginning of tragedy Garcia recalls the island’s escape had been postponed three times for various reasons. The goal of all who would join ′′ that dangerous adventure ′′ was to arrive in Florida, the United States, to try to improve living conditions, deplorable by that date when the population suffered from the effects of the so-called ′′ special period «, a severe famine and disruptive crisis the country faced after the disappearance of socialist subsidies that had sustained that economy for years. Fidencio Ramel Prieto Hernandez, brother-in-law of Garcia, led the expedition. He was the chief of operations of the port of Havana and could have access to a boat to crystallize the yearning of the 72 people. According to Garcia’s report, ′′ that night a group met at my house and then came out to meet the others in the port of Havana, where it was on March 13, a 25 meter long tugboat «. Garcia recalls that the bus that would take them to the site where they would board the tugboat was driven by his cousin ′′ Felo «, who joined his wife, his wife’s uncle and his little Giselle. ′′ The plan was made and nothing should fail «, he said. About to embark on the journey, Garcia recounts that he approached his son Joel outside his house in Havana, and said a few words he still regrets: ′′ See you in eternity «. From that moment-it counts among tears-his life has been ′′ an ordeal «, to such a point that he claims to feel ′′ dead in life ′′ or ′′ like a leprechaun wandering the streets of Miami, with a cross at the cost «. Her grandson, son of Maria Victoria Garcia, her daughter, is also alive in her memory. ′′ Juan Mario told me very happy that he was going to bring me a big fish to eat by myself What a grandson! He was my first grandson, a great illusion in my life «, remember showing red eyes. The attack Testimonies from some survivors of the reported crime show that the sail occurred at 3 am, about 300 meters from the captaincy of the habanero harbor. ′′ The plan had been done very well and it was a safe trip because otherwise it would not have allowed our children to travel «, Garcia said. Almost immediately, the seven crew members of the ship, who also worked at the terminal and had joined the voyage, realized that they were being followed by two of the three Polargo-type tugs involved in the sinking operation. The attack on the March 13 tugboat began at the height of Castle del Morro, as the Polargos fired their powerful waterflowers. According to Garcia, ′′ These murderers fired gusts against all the people who asked for leniency on deck, regardless of whether they were women with children of arms or older people «. For the writer, who every time he tells this story generates tears among those who hear it, the ship occupied by Cubans ′′ seeking his freedom ′′ zozobro ′′ not by accident as Fidel Castro himself wanted to show it «, but because it was rammed ′′ with randomness «, by the Polargo 2, Polargo 3 and Polargo 5. Her account is conclusive: ′′ The ruthless performance of these beasts in neutered clothes led them to fire pressure water chores on the bodies of children who asked for mercy, who traveled hugging their mothers «. He adds: ′′ The powerful high-pressure water cannons, which impacted the boat from several directions, continued for about 45 minutes. These were people who were unarmed. Those murderers were not enough the pleas of those women and children, who raised their arms asking for help «. The news Garcia and his wife couldn’t sleep. ′′ The official radio broke the news very early about a ship’s robbery in the harbor and my wife was shocked; her legs were shaking. I told her that daily they were stealing boats so they could flee Cuba, trying to calm her down «, she said. At the edge of 11 am-remember -, an undercover state security car arrived, with an elderly officer, who came with a doctor and my daughter, who was all destroyed «. The news was not encouraging. ′′ When I see my daughter with her hair full of fat, I thought there was an accident with the bus. Asked for my son Joel and he told me he was dead. And so I was asking for each of my relatives. His answer was the same: they died «, he recounted. At that time, according to the writer’s testimony, ′′ My wife had a stroke and started screaming «. The State Security officer left ′′ because the situation with us and the neighbors who started to arrive could get out of control «. It was in that moment that, he said, ′′ I decided to carry my cross and seek justice for my dead, who never returned them to me His graveyard is the sea «.
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