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Una vez más el castrismo ha acudido al viejo truco del ladrón que grita por la c

Una vez más el castrismo ha acudido al viejo truco del ladrón que grita por la calle: «¡Al ladrón…agarren al ladrón!»
Es lo que hacen ahora los jerarcas de una tiranía terrorista de pies a cabeza desde sus orígenes, al acusar de terroristas a los pacíficos jóvenes artistas del Movimiento San Isidro (MSI) e inventar acciones preparadas por el MININT para mentir y «probar» en la TV que son actos terroristas pagados desde EEUU. ¿Hasta cuándo? Primero hay que preguntarles a quienes en el Comité Central del PCC escriben los editoriales en Granma, a Miguel Díaz-Canel y a Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla qué dirían si el Gobierno de Washington ataca deliberadamente y hunde frente a las costas de la Florida… More
First you have to ask those who write editorials in Granma, Miguel Diaz-Canel and Bruno Rodriguez Grill what would they say if the Washington Government deliberately attacks and sinks off Florida’s coasts to a packed tugboat of unarmed civilians and drowned 41 of them, including 10 children. What was an accident?
How then does Ra úl Castro’s dictatorship dare to pronounce the word terrorism and accuse terrorists to those who know they are not?
MSI youth and supporters have neither a tug, nor an intention to attack anyone. They only claim civilized what before Fidel Castro and his followers demanded by gunfire, terrorist bombings and killing civilians in the streets. They demand that they do not get more sticks and respect the right to express themselves and have the creative freedom that denies them the ′′ revolution «.
When Fidel Castro was tried for having directed 135 young people who, disguised as army soldiers, stormed the Moncada Barracks while the soldiers slept early and killed a few of them, he declared it was not terrorism, but a legitimate action based on the constitutional right to rebel against an illegitimate and dictatorial government. When the July 26 Movement, unipersonally led by Castro I, exploded bombs everywhere that killed innocent civilians, and executed people in the middle of the street, the movement chief argued that they were legitimate actions of war.
And it was all consistent with Fidel Castro’s gangster DNA, a man thirsty for power and fame who stormed the political scene cleanly like a gangster. In the late 40 s and early 50 s, young Fidel baleaba behind his political rivals. Once in power, also a clean shot and not by universal suffrage, he did not fulfill his promise to restore the 1940 Constitution and call for elections. And above: ′′ Elections for what?». Meanwhile, he shot thousands of Cubans right and sinister for political reasons. And he argued that that was legitimate, because the revolution was a ′′ source of law «.
False, a revolution is not a source of law if it does not emanate a rule of law. There is no right that denies the right itself and is based on the violation of human rights. From the French Revolution, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789) emerged quickly.
This legal irrationality is tuned for castration, as the fascist and communist states did before. That’s why the commander turned M-26-July street terrorism into state terrorism. The July 26 Movement was typically terrorist
The M-26-July had the slogan of the ′′ Three C’s: Zero Cinema, Zero Shopping, Zero Cabaret «. That maxim gave the green light to the Jacobin-Castro terror. Hundreds of bombs, maybe thousands, went off across the island. In Havana in one night, November 8, 1957 bombs exploded.
Explosive devices planted terror in large stores, theatres, cinemas, cabarets, night clubs, public parks, gas stations, train stations and bus stations, in large factories, such as the fire of the Esso Standard Oil refinery and plants Electricity generators and the Vento aqueduct in Havana. They caused deaths, injuries and destruction in busy places like the National Omnibus Terminal in Havana, Bejucal Railway Station, the Ten Cents of Galiano, where a consumer with her granddaughter was injured.
On July 1958, a ′′ revolutionary ′′ bomb planted in Avila’s Blind Marti Park on a Saturday night, killed three avileans and injured six. The bomb was to kill Andrés Rivero Aguero, Batistian candidate for the presidency, but the M-26-July terrorist chickened out and instead of putting it in the Santiago-Havana hotel put it under a bench in the square more busy city. They were contemplating the constant passing of the beautiful avileans and instantly died Mart ínn Rodr ígez, José Freyre and Rodolfo Leg ónn, who was with his young son Jorge Leg ónn, only two years old, who was critically injured.
The father of an army barber Dionisio Goulet, named Antonio, was destroyed by a bomb at his home in Santiago de Cuba, and his 15-year-old granddaughter injured. Agust ínn G ómez Lubian died when he was going to drop a bomb that would have killed archives and readers in a public library in Santa Clara, and Urselia D Díaaz B áez died when trying to plant a bomb in the women’s bathroom at the America Theater in Havana. Enrique Hart D valvalos, Carlos Garc íaa Gil and Juan Gonz ález Bayona, were also killed in exploding. Other members of the M-26-July lost arms, hands or legs as explosives exploded when they were manipulated.
′′ Revolutionary ′′ terrorism included the kidnapping of world motorsport champion Juan Manuel Fangio, and the hijacking of two Cuban Aviation Company aircraft. First, in October 1958, he was kidnapped, a DC-3 with 14 passengers on board, and the following month a Viscount-755 was hijacked that the kidnapper s’ violence fell in the Bay of Nipe and 17 of the 20 passengers died on board.
Havana practices international terrorism
Now in power the Castro brothers went beyond and infested Latin America with saboteurs and urban guerrillas. MINT thugs have killed Cuban ′′ enemies ′′ in different countries. In 1990 officials of the castratic intelligence in Guatemala shot at Cuban anti-crimerist Luis Posada Carriles, who was seriously injured. And not few in Washington are convinced Castro I intervened in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Groups of indigenous saboteurs, directed or funded by Havana have killed Latin Americans in the streets, robbed banks, burned factories and stores, and train stations, etc.
And that is still happening today. There are plenty of indications that the long arm of Havana was moving in Chile in October 2019 It was very obvious the professionalism with which the destruction of 23 Santiago metro stations was planned and executed.
Today the military junta of Ra úl Castro runs the apparatus of torture and terrorism in Venezuela that has cost the lives of about 18.000 Venezuelans. Many tortured people have reported Cuban participation when they were being tortured, identified by their accent when speaking.
Cuba, safe haven for terrorists everywhere
Cuba has also been, and is, a safe haven for foreign terrorists everywhere, including the leaders of the bloodthirsty ETA (Basque terrorist entity), the ELN of Colombia; fugitives from US Justice, and as a terrorist flees from the US courts in the world. Che Guevara’s apocalyptic slogan of ′′ Create two, three, many Vietnam «, was thrown into the world by Fidel Castro to fire the planet and end ′′ imperialism «.
It’s time for Ra úl Castro and his repressive cronies, terrorists per se, to stop yelling ′′ to the thief «. They must be brought to the International Court of The Hague for crimes against humanity.
Barbarism against the tugboat ′′ March 13 ′′ and the thousands of executed without trial in the Escambray are already causes for them to end their days behind bars in the said Dutch city. ·

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