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<< Cantinflas, el mejor torero comico del mundo >> Fortino Mario Moreno y Reyes , mas conocido como Mario Moreno y profesionalmente como Cantinflas (12 de agosto de 1911 – 20 de abril de 1993) es un personaje que hay que recordarlo también en su faceta como torero, que quedó inmortalizada no sólo en las películas en las que interpretó este papel, sino en sus actuaciones en los ruedos. Desde muy pequeño, Mario Moreno sintió especial atracción por el mundo de los toros. Y se especializó en el denominado «toreo cómico» o «toreo bufo». El debut de Cantinflas como torero cómico fue el 16 de septiembre de 1936 en la Plaza Vista Alegre, en San Antonio Abad. Incluso llegó a torear en un par de… More
Fortino Mario Moreno and Reyes, known as Mario Moreno and professionally as Cantinflas (August 12, 1911-April 20, 1993) is a character that needs to be remembered also in his facet as a bullfighter, who was immortalized not only in the movies in which she played this role, but in her performances on the wheels. From a young age, Mario Moreno felt special attraction to the world of bulls. And specialized in so-called ′′ comical bullfighting ′′ or ′′ bufo bullfighting «. Cantinflas’s debut as a comical bullfighter was on September 16, 1936 at Plaza Vista Alegre, San Antonio Abad. He even got to fight on a couple occasions at Monumental Plaza Mexico. In one of his work in 1963, the layings of the square were filled, which then had a capacity of 45.000 people and many fans were left out without being able to enter the square. Fruit of his influence, various comical-taurine bands decided to incorporate his character, dressed as him. It was the case of one of the greatest comical bullfighters in history, Francisco Rodriguez Arévalo, who in Mexico came to meet the real Cantinflas. Not only did he declare his admiration, he gave him his friendship. Mario Moreno was not only a bullfighter in the squares, but he also lived the experience of being a rancher. In 1956, he acquired the estate ′′ La Pur íssima ′′ in Ixtlahuaca, and there he founded his cattle breeding bulls. Product of this fan, he moved his love for the party brava to celluloid and played the role of bullfighter on several tapes. Among them he starred in a short film entitled ′′ Cantinflas, Bullfighter «, dedicated to the Taurine world. Years later, he played another taurine role in the tape entitled ′′ Neither Blood nor Arena «, a title that parodied the novel of famous Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ib áez. In this film, his resemblance to the Bullfighter Manolete (named after the celebrated Cordobese sword) causes confusion that forces Cantinflas to face bull without wanting to but not seeking him. Under these adverse circumstances he will be able to prove his value. In 1956 he was part of the cast of the superproduction entitled ‘ The World in 80 Days ‘ in which he was a Phileass Fogg’s servant on his adventure around the planet. In this version of Julio Verne’s novel, he is called Passepartout instead of Passepartout. Cantinflas participated in this production that even won the Oscar for Best Movie. On it, during his scale in Spain, he will be forced to fight on a run from which he will come out on his shoulders. A scene to which the director dedicated many minutes and in which Cantinflas exhibits his knowledge of buffo bullfighting acting hand to hand no less than with Luis Miguel Domingu ínn. Years later, in ′′ El Padrecito «, the character who plays Cantinflas, Father Sebastian, is forced to go out to the square to get the money it takes to build a charity for the poorest in the town .. And dressed as a priest, it offers its entire taurine repertoire. It should be pointed out that, for all these bullets, in Monumental Plaza Mexico there is a sculpture of Cantinflas taking the walk and is on the esplanade of the front door, on the left side. And if you want to enjoy your skills as a bullfighter, watch this video: ·

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