UN MOMENTO PARA RECORDAR A BLANQUITA CONTRERAS, UNA ACTRIZ HERMOSA. De niña siempre soñó con ser artista, se pasaba horas frente al espejo dándole rienda suelta a su imaginación, muchas amigas de la familia elogiaban su belleza, ” parece una muñequita ” o ” esa niña será artista” eran frases que la rodeaban siempre. En la década del 60 del siglo pasado, se entera de la convocatoria de la televisión para integrar la Escuela de Formación de Actores, que dirigió el gran actor Alejandro Lugo, se presentó a las audiciones frente a un jurado integrado por: Alden Night, Alfredo Perojo y Ana Lasalle, entre otros. Resultó aprobada, contaba Blanquita que ya estando en el curso comenzó a ser llamada… More
As a child she always dreamed of being an artist, she spent hours in front of the mirror unleashing her imagination, many family friends praised her beauty, ′′ looks like a doll ′′ or ′′ that girl will be an artist ′′ were phrases that surrounded her always. In the 60 s of the last century, he learned about the call for television to integrate the Actors Training School, which directed by the great actor Alejandro Lugo, presented himself to auditions in front of a jury composed of: Alden Night , Alfredo Perojo and Ana Lasalle, among others. It was approved, said Blanquita that being on the course began to be called to play small roles in the recent inaugurated space Adventures, this catapulted it right away to popularity. I remembered that the adventures were so loved, that whenever they walked out the door that gave to M street, they expected a crowd, they came out with a lot of stress, they had finished performing live, there was a lot of tenure that accumulated, the directors always They warned them that everyone had to be prepared to save any situation that arises. The actress said that some colleagues in the profession sometimes walked out elsewhere to avoid the siege, she never missed the date, once another actress, very friend told her, ′′ Girl, you can’t get enough? And he said, ′′ The day this, which was always my dream, I get tired, I’m going home and I don’t work anymore “. Her career after graduate with excellent grades was on the rise, she began being almost a teenager and at the end she was a girl in the fullness of her beauty, the work required good physical preparation, the riding or fencing classes were as everyday as the act. Adventures, tales, novels, theatres, humorous on TV and radio were his daily work, little rest, but he felt like fish in the water.
She was called by the movies and gave us very worthy performances, she was an actress who moved easily in drama and comedy. But life played him a bad pass, he began to feel a sense of extreme tiredness, at first thought it was due to the great workload he had, continuing with that feeling he decides to tend to and diagnose a heart disease he had developed, his life changed drastically, it was very limited, and the physical activity required by Adventures could not carry them out due to medical prescription. We recently learned of her passing in Miami, surrounded by the love of her family and friends, a woman who was also beautiful and actress, was a wonderful human being. ·