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UN DÍA. Un día soñé que soñaba…que las guerras no existían.
Que la bondad y justicia como flores se Lucian.
Que la ambición no era tema ni tampoco el desamor.
Y que todos en la tierra se prodigaban amor. !un día soñe que soñaba que no había manos pidiendo
Porque sobraban las manos generosas repartiendo!
Un día soñé que no había separación por color.
Solo raza que se hermana dando sonrisa al creador. Y que todas las fronteras prontas fueron derribadas
Por el sentir de las masas entendiendo la palabra.
Soñe que nadie tenía, frío, hambre ni temor.
Que la alegría reinaba y era de bello color. Un día soñé que soñaba que se alzaba una canción
¡Hermosa como ninguna que oído nunca escuchó!
¡Que se… More
One day I dreamed I dreamed… that wars didn’t exist.
May goodness and justice like flowers be Lucian.
That ambition was not a subject nor was heartbreak.
And that everyone on earth lavished. One day I dreamed I dreamed there were no hands asking
Because there were plenty of generous hands handing out!
One day I dreamed there was no color separation.
Only breed that is sister giving smile to the creator. And that all the early borders were taken down
By the feeling of the masses understanding the word.
I dream that no one was cold, hungry or afraid.
That joy reigned and was beautiful. One day I dreamed that I dreamed that a song would rise
Beautiful like no one ear never heard!
That a war was fought to see who loves the most!
And our beautiful old people breathed light and peace. That the flora was radiant! That wildlife was the same!
And the planet sighed softly.
I dreamed that all brothers gave thanks to the Lord
Without ignoring his greatness and the size of his love. Sadly a dream it was! War will always be!
There’s no worse war than the internal that kills real light! I dreamed…. and just dreamed.
Everything won’t be so easy!
But there is hope….
of giving strength to the fragile soul. Everything easy is soon loses its value.
But what you struggle… grows you and gives you color.
Dress up in bravery! Learn to live by fighting!
Every battle you face leaves you a gift. Never lift claim aimed at high heaven!
Fool is one who does it, and its ending is horrendous! Live in beautiful righteousness and open your soul eyes!
By your side always spends teaching in disguise.
We have come into this world to accomplish a mission.
Find out what it is and how… is part of the lesson. Rosa Andrade
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