PUENTES DE AMOR. ¿Te has puesto a pensar hermano
qué hermoso sería el mundo,
Si egoísmo no existiera
ni guerras en lo profundo? !Hablo de la guerra interna
la que hace sufrir el alma!
La que te hace ser infame
y enarbolar cruel espada. Esa que forma barreras
y nos impide el amar.
Esa que pone fronteras
y no nos deja mirar. La que hace separaciones
Y lastima el corazón.
Olvidamos que a la tierra
la calienta un mismo sol. ¿Porque no limpiar entonces
El corazón de sentires…
esos que son tan oscuros … More
You’ve got to think bro
how beautiful would the world be,
If selfishness didn’t exist
nor wars in the deep? I’m talking about internal warfare
the one who makes the soul suffer!
The one that makes you infamous
and fly cruel sword. That one that forms barriers
and prevents us from loving.
The one that puts borders
and doesn’t let us look. The one who makes separations
And it hurts the heart.
We forget that to earth
the same sun warms it. Why not clean then
The heart of feelings…
those who are so dark
And make us unhappy? Why not form one day
Beautiful bridges of love?
Why not put your hands together
And also the heart? Bridges of love that drive
Our steps to each other.
Feeling the beautiful teaching…
And let our eyes open. May the united nations
in the same proceed
tear down the bloody walls
that enslave our feet. What those horrendous chains
they finish breaking!
Let the eyes just look
with faithful mercy. We are beautiful creation
of a beautiful artisan!
let there be no more division
among humans. Bridges of love would give him
joy to our doer.
And to us blessed peace
And a sky of another color. Maybe this is just lyrics
like paper in the air.
A desire for brotherhood
that I desire with great strength. But I can’t shut up
The voices of the heart!
Wrong would do if I did…
having the gift in hand. Feel the soul gosoza
when fulfilling a duty.
bathe in our pupils
who knows how to thank. Admire that smile
in the face of the old man…
And make blessed chain
joining all hands. Rosa Maria Andrade
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