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<< La China, la Reina del doble sentido >> La China era, en los años 60, uno de los personajes populares de La Habana; uno de aquellos seres que ponían una nota distintiva en la ciudad. Era alta, delgada, pelada a lo que entonces se llamaba medieval, con los labios pintados de un rojo intenso y argollas en las orejas, minifalda y plataformas. Siempre muy limpia, tendría unos 50 años de edad —acaso un poco más— y se decía que era hermana o pariente de los propietarios de «La Casa de los Tres Kilos», el entonces famoso establecimiento comercial de la esquina de Belascoaín y Reina, lo que parece que era cierto, y residía en el reparto Sevillano. La China, era totalmente inofensiva. Una… More
China was, in the 60 s, one of the popular characters in Havana; one of those beings who put a distinctive note in the city. She was tall, thin, peeled to what was then called medieval, with her lips painted on a red intense and earring, miniskirt and platforms. Always very clean, would be about 50 years old-maybe a little more-and was said to be the sister or relative of the owners of ′′ The House of the Three Kilos «, the then famous commercial establishment on the corner of Belascoain and Queen, what seems to be true, and resided in the Sevillan cast. China was totally harmless. A nice woman who was seen prowling around the vicinity of Floridita Bar and La Zaragozana restaurant, the park of Albear, the portals of the Apple of Gomez and the Paseo del Prado.
I was busing on bus telling jokes and singing verses, almost all well ′′ green «.
Drinking later. the bus and went home, although sometimes included in its running the La Rampa area, never asked for a penny. Sometimes, half-hidden among those who waited for the arrival of the bus, stretched out his hand and caressed the ear of a gentleman who, after the groping, was baffled. Many fleeed him, but they were the most who enjoyed their occurrence, jokes and sayings.
She never proffered what is called a ′′ bad ′′ word, yet she was the double-meaning queen with her jokes up from toao. Sadly I didn’t find pictures of China to post, just a cartoon…. ·

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