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Lana Lobell Modas de los años 50 y 60 El catálogo de Lana Lobell fue lanzado por

Lana Lobell Modas de los años 50 y 60👗🎽👚😍 El catálogo de Lana Lobell fue lanzado por primera vez en 1950 por el dueño de una tienda de ropa llamado Boris Leavitt. Le puso el nombre de su hija y los envió a través de su tienda. Cuando encontré por primera vez el catálogo de Lana Lobell, me quedé boquiabierta . Nunca pensé que encontraría una fuente que personificara todo lo que amaba de la moda. La ropa es bonita y femenina, además de ponible y me atrevo a decir que se ve cómoda. He querido compartir mi amor por los catálogos de Lana Lobell con todos ustedes por un tiempo, así que aquí están algunos de los hermosos artículos que se vendieron por catálogo. A través de las páginas de Lana… More
Lana Lobell’s catalog was first launched in 1950 by the owner of a clothing store named Boris Leavitt. He named him after his daughter and sent them through his shop. When I first found Lana Lobell’s catalog, I was blown away. Never thought I’d find a source that will epitomize everything I loved about fashion. Clothes are pretty and feminine as well as wearable and dare I say they look comfortable. I’ve wanted to share my love of Lana Lobell catalogues with you all for a while, so here are some of the beautiful items that were sold by catalog. Through Lana Lobell’s pages we can find out what women of that time were wearing and what trends were filling her closet. In this number, corresponding to the fall season, we are presenting clothes always strained to the waist, flight skirts, Chanel-style jacket suits, Peter Pan-necked shirts, pencil skirts below the knee, animal prints… always with flawless hairstyles and lips painted red. Never-failing garments are gloves, accompanying each look, regardless of style or occasion, and jewelry accessories, in the form of bracelets, bracelets or eye-eye earring In addition to very lady dresses, we see how women start wearing more male garments, such as knee-high shorts, pitillo pants, hats, berets, and even gar çon haircuts. By: Old fashion magazine
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