InicioTodoDeseos de mi corazón para una patria hermana y bella.

Deseos de mi corazón para una patria hermana y bella.

Deseos de mi corazón para una patria hermana y bella.
Solo letras…pero vestidas de esperanza y emoción.
Solo versos…que ojalá se vuelvan realidad.
Solo un sentir…pero nacido del alma.
Y solo una historia construida por mi mente que desea que sea un día sea parte del pasado y que el final de estas líneas se cumpla. Érase una vez….. Érase una vez un monstruo que asolaba a una nación
Monstruo de muchas cabezas sin alma ni corazón.
Arrancábales los sueños, y pisoteaba su honor.
Su dignidad la tragaba, raudo y sin contemplación. Y así….pasaban los años sin esperanza ninguna.
Mientras el horrendo monstruo hacia siempre de las suyas.
Vestido de tiranía, ¡coronado con mentira!
Con su… More
Once upon a time….. Once upon a time there was a monster that devastated a nation
Monster of many heads with no soul or heart.
Snatch their dreams, and trampled their honor.
Her dignity swallowed her, rauded and without contemplation. And just like that…. the years passed without any hope.
While the horrendous monster forever of his own.
Dress of tyranny, crowned with a lie!
With his reptilian tongue he threw poison and anger. After many sharp noble souls came together.
And joining tears bellas…de enormous value was put together.
Love and desire for freedom pushed them.
Lookin smile on your faces was your ultimate goal! Thousand-headed monster then cared!
And making cowards plan one day out the street came out.
He came across the surprise that the people are standing!
Fear no longer dwells him! Courage dazzles in it! Because they’ve seen beautiful color sky sky horizon!
They’ve thrown away their fears… they’ve changed it for love!
Why the grey colors are disappearing already.
Now the color of freedom is glimpsing beautiful! They’ve dealt big blow to the dragon’s head!
Like David to Goliath and it will end division. This shows the coward… live if the brave will.
For union makes strength and justice always arises. This story continues…. It’s just getting started.
And at the rate of blue trumpet… the people are walking
Still find the henchards of this bloodthirsty monster…. vitupering, attacking!
Drowning kicks! But this brave story will see its happy ending.
Although weave with rainbow cry will emerge.
And that realm of my story as phoenix will fly.
He will be born from his ashes with singing of freedom! Rosa Andrade
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