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<Catalina Lasa del Río Cronista de la moda parisina> Catalina Lasa del Río, protagonista de una de las más célebres y escandalosas historias de amor de Cuba y propietaria de una de las mansiones más hermosas, elegantes y sofisticadas de La Habana, es conocida por ser una de las bellezas de la alta sociedad de su época . Si embargo, hay aspectos de su vida que no son muy conocidos, así que el personaje, un tanto envuelto en velos de misterio, puede todavía dar sorpresas. Uno de esos aspectos es el de colaboradora de algunas de las más nombradas revistas cubanas, entre ellas «El Fígaro», un semanario que tuvo entre sus corresponsales y colaboradores a lo más selecto de la intelectualidad y… More
Catalina Lasa del Rio, protagonist of one of Cuba’s most famous and outrageous love stories and owner of one of the most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated mansions in Havana, is known for being one of the beauties of the high society of its time. However, there are aspects of your life that aren’t very well known, so the character, a little wrapped in mystery veils, can still give surprises. One of those aspects is the collaborator of some of the most famous Cuban magazines, including ′′ El Figaro «, a weekly that had among its correspondents and collaborators the most select of the island’s intellectual and art. Catalina did not publish any historical or art poems or texts. She participated from anonymity in a section dedicated to fashion, sending from Paris, where she had permanent residence, information about the modes and highlights in the City-Luz, flag of ′′ fashionism ′′
international. I have no information about the date that Catalina started sending her collaborations to the magazine, but I do about the moment she probably failed to do so: between 1928, the year her health definitely broke, and 1930, year of his death. The most important dresses in Paris while she lived were Worth, Poiret and Coc ó Channel. In her youth Catalina, like all elegant and rich Western ladies, she should have looked, perhaps, models of Worth, who dressed queens, great duchesses and millionaires, but by her age, it is more likely that it was French Paul Poiret who lords in his wardrobe, even in the last decade of his life, which coincided with the installation of art-deco style in the European cultural landscape. ·

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