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Bartolomé Adolfo Llauradó Salmerón, artista cubano del cine, el teatro y la tele

Bartolomé Adolfo Llauradó Salmerón, artista cubano del cine, el teatro y la televisión. Nació en Santiago de Cuba, el 29 de septiembre de 1941. Su carrera artística comienza en 1954, actuando en radioemisoras de su provincia. En 1956 se traslada a La Habana y se vincula también a la radio y la televisión . Debuta en el teatro en 1957, con la obra Pájaros de la luna de Marcel Aymée. A lo largo de su carrera siempre estuvo vinculado al medio teatral. Inicialmente actuó en salas privadas, hasta que en 1959, se incorpora al Teatro Nacional de Cuba. Hizo el personaje del machista por antonomasia del cine cubano junto a Daisy Granados en Retrato de Teresa, y en el tercer cuento de Lucía. Mucho dió… More
Born in Santiago de Cuba on September 29, 1941. His artistic career begins in 1954, acting on radio stations in his province. In 1956 he moved to Havana and also linked to radio and television. Theatre debut in 1957, with Marcel Aymée’s Moon Birds. Throughout his career he was always linked to the middle of theatrical. Initially he performed in private rooms, until in 1959, he joined the Cuban National Theatre. He made the character of the sexist by antonomasia of Cuban cinema alongside Daisy Granados in Portrait of Teresa, and in Lucia’s third tale. Much said to speak his work in Lucia, some came to claim that the jealous and violent temperament of his character conformed to the historic Cuban ′′ male ′′ character, became controversial. Years later the actor himself analyzed that he identified with the character in Lucia because he was really extremely jealous and could download everything inside his work since he was very young. In 1966 he made a couple with Adela Legr á in the Manuela media film by Humberto Sol áss. He started a successful acting career in the movies in which he worked under the orders of ICAIC’s most prestigious filmmakers. He also played evil in Rancheador, The Man of Maisinicu, and The Other Francis. He alternated his actor’s work in the movies and theatre, with television. He starred in important classics from the national scene and Universal Theatre. He is especially remembered for his character in Santa Camila in Old Havana and his performance in the park by André Guelman, which lasted almost a year. Participated in international film festivals in Spain, Moscow, France, Brazil, Teatro in Havana, Camag üey, Spain, and Yugoslavia, among others. He died on November 3, 2001, in Havana, his body was moved and buried in his hometown Santiago de Cuba. EPD. Fragment of the movie Lucia: ·

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