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UN DÍA Te buscaré incansable y vestida de silencio, entre sombras oscuras que e

UN DÍA Te buscaré incansable y vestida de silencio,
entre sombras oscuras que encandilan mis ojos.
Te buscaré en el viento que pasa sollozando,
dejándome en el pelo frescor que no conozco. Con pasos vacilantes y tropezando en piedra.
Perdida…confundida, y llena de quebranto.
De frente hacia la vida, donde el mundo me lleve …
iré peregrinando, con ojos anhelantes….
iré regando llanto. ¡Me rendiré cansada solo cuando termine!
Cuando el presentimiento se aleje de mi ser.
Con ojos muy abiertos y el alma enamorada
¡buscando ver el cielo, de un nuevo amanecer.! Oyendo los latidos que emergen lentamente.
Pausados pero fuertes, aunque triste su tonada.
¡Un día será tornada! ¡Será Canción… More
I will seek you tireless and clothed with silence,
between dark shadows that encandilate my eyes.
I will look for you in the wind that passes sobbing,
leaving me in fresh hair i dont know. With hesitant steps and tripping in stone.
Lost… confused, and full of brokenness.
Heading to life, where the world takes me…
I will go pilgrimage, with longing eyes….
I’ll water crying. I’ll give up tired only when I’m done
When the feeling moves away from my being.
With eyes wide open and soul in love
looking to see the sky, of a new dawn.! Hearing the heartbeats emerging slowly.
Paused but strong, though sad its tune.
One day it will be tornado! It will be a joyful song!
Sweet and beautiful song melodic…. and loved. One day we will see together golden sunset.
Also white auroras dressed in joy.
And we will dance together to the singing of the waters…
With radiant heart in that warm rain. We’ll be covered by the frost of our old hair.
Your steps and my steps will be slow.
And we will dream together plagued with memories.
Of memories sleeping in an eternal trunk. If one day my sun goes out… I want to see your eyes
I want to hold your hand and tell you that I love you.
I want your image to be the last thing I see.
And after doing that… take a long journey. I will always wait for you in magical compound!
Because a love so beautiful must not end.
And there in beautiful field of lilacs and hyacinths
I wait for you with smile and love of eternity. Rosa Maria Andrade
Smata Tashmua 😍😘 ·

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