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Raquel Revuelta Nació en La Habana, el 14 de noviembre de 1925 en el seno de una

Raquel Revuelta Nació en La Habana, el 14 de noviembre de 1925 en el seno de una familia de artistas (padre español y madre cubana) en el seno de una familia muy humilde. Falleció el 24 de enero de 2004 en La Habana. Comenzó su carrera artística en 1938, en la Corte Suprema del Arte y La Escala de la Fama, donde obtuvo el segundo premio. En 1940 es ya una damita de la Compañía de Eugenia Zuffoli. En 1941 es fundadora del Teatro Popular y comienza a trabajar en radio en la Emisora Mil Diez. Fue miembro de la Sociedad Cultural Nuestro Tiempo. En 1950 protagoniza en teatro Juana de Lorena con la que alcanza numerosos premios y le abre las puertas de todos los medios de comunicación. Se… More
He was born in Havana on November 14, 1925 into a family of artists (Spanish father and Cuban mother) into a very humble family. He died on January 24, 2004 in Havana. He started his artistic career in 1938, at the Supreme Court of Art and Scale of Fame, where he earned the second prize. In 1940 she is already a little lady of Eugenia Zuffoli Company. In 1941 she founder of the Teatro Popular and began radio work at the Mil Ten Station. He was a member of Our Time Cultural Society. In 1950 he starred in Juana de Lorena Theatre with which he reaches numerous awards and opens the doors of all media. He becomes the first figure on TV, where he stars in two weekly fixed shows. In 1953 he makes his first movie performance. He created in 1958, along with his brother Vicente and six other artists, the Group Teatro Studio, in which he stayed as CEO until the end of his days. In the same time, her role as actress, director and CEO for more than 38 years was meritorious. He traveled through different countries unmatched his artistic talent and participating in various literary and film events as a jury; some of them being Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, China, Soviet Union, Switzerland, Germany, Angola, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Egypt and Nicaragua. Revuelta also stood out as a professor of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) a distinguished home of studies where she alternated her work in teaching with the responsibility of taking the reins of the Deanate of the Faculty of Performing Arts. ·

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