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Quiero que sepan que lo que yo escribo es en apoyo genuino a su bella patria.

Quiero que sepan que lo que yo escribo es en apoyo genuino a su bella patria.
Y que en ningún momento me mueve el deseo de entrar en discusión con nadie.
Soy enemiga de entrar en ofensas y lo que hago lo hago movida por un cariño entrañable que me habita por Cuba y su gente…y lo hago con mucho cariño y mis mejores deseos.
A todos aquellos que les guste lo que comparto les agradezco en el alma.
Y a todos aquellos que les pueda llegar a incomodar les ofrezco una disculpa, pero es mi sentir, es mi pensar…y con solo pasar de largo estará genial.
Yo no puedo callar mi boca ni detener mi pluma ante la injusticia, y creo que no ofendo a ningún hno cubano deseándoles lo mejor. !CUBA LIBRE! Ya… More
FREE CUBA! The freedom is already taking place, from a subdued homeland
They can say no more!…! Nightmare is over!…!
Nefarious and cruel hands drowning their great glitter.
But there are beautiful souls who have given voice and song. White hope song that grows everyday!
Because noble hearts will make their worth shine.
That union makes strength, it’s what one day I hear!
That love forms barriers that cannot be broken! That divine justice always makes an act of presence
Because the good ones are more, it hurts who hurt the most.
Because the blood has flowed, Blood of innocent souls!
And they have trampled on their wide the dignity of the people. But a light has emerged from the bottom of the bowels
of brave people who fajaje for a country without mooring.
Bella nation was hit by ambition and selfishness!
But beautiful will emerge as a phoenix who is born! Brave Stirpe Blood Run Free Through Her Veins.
Hearts of warriors born on that earth.
A beautiful morning will see freedom born!
You can breathe then, joy peace and solace. Help will come from high because love moves them!
Because they’re worth it and a sky of another color!
There will be tears is true! But they will be for joy!
As a morning flower your homeland will look one day. My heart is widening! love cuba and his people…
Although you didn’t see me born, your nobility here feels!
It is the genuine desire of a humble Mexican
Breathe love and life and wear white hope! Rosa Maria Andrade Velasco. ·

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