InicioTodo“Mamacusa Alambrito”, la del alma grande y el cuerpo flaquito.

“Mamacusa Alambrito”, la del alma grande y el cuerpo flaquito.

“Mamacusa Alambrito”, la del alma grande y el cuerpo flaquito…jijiji Luis Echegoyen era un famoso comediante y escritor que gozaba de prestigio en la televisión de Cuba año 1954. En la televisión, el uso del comediante vestido de mujer ha sido común desde aquellos primeros días de 1954 (para nosotros) cuando comenzó la maravillosa caja mágica. Buenos y conocidos artistas que llegaban de Cuba realizaban personajes como la famosa “Floripondia” de La Taberna India, personificado por Américo Castellanos. Luego llegó Luis Echegoyen y se quedó con la televisión con el personaje de “Cuquita Sabrosura”. Comenzó en la radio junto a Jesús Alvariño (otro gran intérprete) en el programa La mesa… More
Luis Echegoyen was a famous comedian and writer who enjoyed prestige on Cuban television year 1954. On TV, women’s comedian wear has been common since the early days of 1954 (for us) when the wonderful magic box began. Good and well known artists who came from Cuba performed characters like the famous ′′ Floripondia ′′ of La Tavern India, epitomized by Américo Castellanos. Then came Luis Echegoyen and took the television with the character of ′′ Cuquita Butterrosura «. He started on the radio alongside Jes Jesúss Alvari ñoo (another great interpreter) in the program La Padrada. However, it is the screenwriter Enrique N úez Rodriguez, who in the show Jingles locks Luis Echegoyen catapults to fame with the character of ′′ Mamacusa Alambrito «, ′′ The Big Soul and Skinny Body «. Here’s how , the comedian became a precursor to cross-dressing on Cuban television, gaining prestige, laughter, applause and fame. Another of the characters Echegoyen premiered in Cuba was ′′ Tino Dentino «. He was part of the cast of the show Thursday of Partag áss. When the movie The Mayor of Machuchal was made, he made his debut in the Boricua cinema as an actor and co-actor. Then, alongside Eddie Mir ó, he also wrote several of the other scripts from the film productions Paquito Cordero produced for ′′ Machuchal ′′ and distributed Columbia Pictures for the hispanic market in the United States. Source: Cuban Baracutey ·

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