InicioTodo"Libre" : El código secreto de este éxito del gran "Nino Bravo".

«Libre» : El código secreto de este éxito del gran «Nino Bravo».

«Libre» : El código secreto de este éxito del gran «Nino Bravo». Si los productores de la radio cubana de fines de los años 60 hubieran conocido el motivo que inspiró esta hermosa canción de Nino Bravo, nunca las emisoras nacionales la hubieran colocado en sus programaciones. La canción compuesta por José Luis Armenteros y Pablo Herrero fue dedicada al joven alemán Peter Fetcher. Peter nacido en Berlín, fue el primer mártir de la Alemania soviética (RDA) que intentó cruzar el muro que separaba las dos Alemanias. El joven de 18 años fue abatido por la espalda como resultado de los disparos que la guardia de la RDA le realizaron cuando intentetaba buscar la libertad del otro lado del… More
If Cuban radio producers in the late 60 s had known the reason that inspired this beautiful song by Nino Bravo, national stations never put it on their programming. The song composed by Jose Luis Armenteros and Pablo Herrero was dedicated to the young German Peter Fetcher. Berlin-born Peter was the first martyr of Soviet Germany (RDA) to attempt to cross the wall separating the two Germans. The 18-year-old was shot in the back as a result of the gunshots being shot by the GDR guard as he tried to seek freedom from the other side of the wall. This happened on August 17, 1962. Never disclosed the true content of the song, not even its composers, not only for sensing it as usual, but because they did not know the motives of the creators. Nino turned this song into an anthem for freedom and rights of the people. The play was featured on the album ′′ Mi terra ′′ one of the best selling albums in hispanic-America. Of the extraordinary quality of the Valencian, words should be dedicated to a full article, something I’m preparing. Here’s some stanzas that now make more sense: He’s almost 20 years old and that’s it
Tired of waiting…
But behind the border is home
His world and his city.
Think the wire is just
A piece of metal
Something that can never stop
Your craves to fly…
Free as the sun when it dawns
I am free as the sea
Free like the bird who leaves prison and can finally fly… ·

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