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La Virgen del Camino de La Habana.

La Virgen del Camino de La Habana.
En el municipio San Miguel del Padrón, en La Habana, hay una estatua venerada por muchos cubanos, la Virgen del Camino. La gente llega hasta ella, la miran, le hablan, le colocan velas y flores. Dicen que además de bella es poderosa y protectora. Le tienen fe. El parque que acoge a la Virgen del Camino se ubica en la rotonda que conecta la Calzada de Luyanó, la de San Miguel y la Carretera Central. Su posición es singular pues, desde el punto de vista geográfico, es una de las “puertas” más importantes de la ciudad. Presidiendo la glorieta, como quien se detiene en el centro del mundo a elegir su camino, se encuentra la virgen creada por Rita Longa para los… More
The park hosting the Virgin of the Road is located in the roundabout connecting the Luyan ó Causeway, San Miguel and Central Highway. Its position is unique because, geographically, it is one of the most important ′′ gates ′′ in the city. Presiding over the gazebo, like who stops in the center of the world to choose his path, is the virgin created by Rita Longa for the Habaneros. He holds a nautical rose in his hands and his eyes are lost in the void of the city as he seeks a destination. It was made in bronze, in 1946, but there is no statism in it, no coldness. Their clothes look like they wave into the wind. Invites the trip and offers a course, maybe that’s why so many Cubans come to her to ask for their blessing before venturing out to tour the world. The set is 180 cm wide and 200 cm tall. It is said that when Rita began this work in 1945, she asked for the Rite Court’s intervention in Rome to declare believers devotion to the image of their virgin legitimacy. Great artists in the world have represented virgins in different times, so the petition was granted to Rita and made her statue blessed by Cardinal Arteaga, who consecrated her as ′′ protective mother of pilgrim traveler «, understanding that it was one more rendition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Popular reaction didn’t wait long. Seeing that some coins had been melted at the source and base of the work, people began making their offerings. Medals, rings, money all headed to the House of Benefit and Motherhood. It was so much collected that the city council opened an account of the Virgin of the Road in which about 60 pesos per day of collecta was entered in the Continental Bank. Times have changed and somehow change the offerings, but not missing, in the arms of the Virgin of the Way, fresh flowers. By Gretchen Sanchez
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