LA NOBLEZA, BONDAD Y SENCILLEZ DEL GUAJIRO CUBANO. Dicen por ahí que de la combinación guerra- war y héroe- hero y la popularización del habla , salió el término guajiro y que fue acuñado por las tropas norteamericanas llegadas a Santiago de Cuba en los finales de la Guerra de Independencia, aquellos soldados de academia se quedaban asombrados de ver como aquellos hombres mal alimentados, vistiendo harapos, habían puesto a raya al ejército español, los admiraban, por eso los llamaron así, héroes de la guerra.
Por supuesto, se trata de una versión, existen otras con testimonios incluidos. Pero yo quiero hablar de ese ser con sabiduría popular, bondad infinita, educación de cuna, raíz en… More
They say out there that of the war-war and hero-hero combination and the popularization of speech, the term Guajiro came out and was coined by American troops arrived in Santiago de Cuba in the end of the War of Independence, those academy soldiers They were amazed to see how those poorly fed men wearing rags had put the Spanish army at bay, admired them, that’s why they called them war heroes.
Of course, it’s a version, there are others with testimonies included. But I want to talk about that being with popular wisdom, infinite kindness, crib education, root in the earth and unlimited hospitality, transmitted from parents to children, where never missing Good Morning. With consoling phrases like that that makes you see things closer ′′ to the song of a rooster ′′ but that with the march you realize it was just a comfort to keep you walking, because that rooster was singing more, far beyond where can you imagine it. Never at the house of a guajiro has missed a good cup of coffee for the pilgrim, whether it’s carrier or sneaking into the fabric kettle, that coffee that is not mixed with anything and that its scent penetrates you to the tutanum of the bones. The hospitality of Cuban Guajiro has not changed nor will ever change, since its simplicity they compete with the sophisticated tourism, you can talk to any foreign visitor from one tip to another in the country and not missing in his recount of the trip, the visit to the house from a guajiro to eat a roasted pig in coal spike and a shiny congrey by the pig butter.
There is no gourmet restaurant that exceeds Guajira cuisine and there they go on and on despite, because they are the essence of Cubania. ·

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