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“El pregón”, el alma del cubano.

“El pregón”, el alma del cubano… “Para pantalón y saco traigo percheros baratos”…jijiji Se trata de una expresión musical nacida de los vendedores ambulantes anunciando sus mercancías. Usual en los países cuyo clima favorece la venta en las calles. Surge en Cuba en el siglo XIX y llegó con la emigración franco-haitiana tras la Revolución de Haití. También con los albores de la colonia tuvo un auge inusitado, que sorprendía y a veces molestaba a los viajeros de otros países. Las exclamaciones y cantos de los pregoneros aportaron a la atmósfera callejera un tono melodioso, el más popular y menos respaldo por técnica musical alguna, oyéndoseles, en cada mañana o noche de su historia, añadir… More
′′ For pants and sack I bring cheap racks «… hihihi This is a musical expression born of street vendors advertising their goods. Usual in countries whose climate favors street sale. It emerged in Cuba in the th century and came with Franco-Haitian emigration following the Haitian Revolution. Also with the dawn of the colony it had an unusual rise, surprising and sometimes disturbing travellers from other countries. The exclamations and chants of the criers brought a melodious tone to the street atmosphere, the most popular and less supportive of any musical technique, listening to them, on every morning or night of their history, adding at musical intervals to the pregon. Texts of the time pick up some of what was heard at the entrance of the Teatro Heel: Buns sylfide ′′ Butifarras Elssler! or listing jewelry, clothes or fruit in tunes that some popular musicians took for their musical compositions. Many composers of popular or culturally music have taken pregon motifs, creating some universally known pregons ′′ El Frutero ′′ composed by master Ernesto Lecuona, although the most famous of this kind and internationally recorded is ′′ Caney Fruit ′′ by the great writer-composer Felix B. Caignet; another great teacher, Eliseo Grenet, composed ′′ Rica Pulpa «; ′′ El Viandero ′′ by Ernesto Mu ñooz; ′′ Rhapsody of Pregones «, ′′ El Bottleero «, by Gilberto Valdés; ′′ El Dulcerito ′′ by Rosendo Ruiz Suarez and Tom áss Corman’s ′′ The Sweet ′′ Who can forget ′′ the Yerberito ′′ played by our great Celia Cruz or ′′ the Manisero ′′ by Mosises Simons? Since yesteryears, the pregons are an important chapter of Cuban folklore and an expression of the profound poetic and musical wealth of our people… who have everything finds humor… despite the necessities… Anyway, the motto of the criers is: ′′ Product that is not advertised is not sold «… Does anyone remember more of those old and current pregons?… ·

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