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Julia Bertha Díaz Hernández.

Julia Bertha Díaz Hernández. «La Gacela de Cuba». 🏟☺ “Justicia es un firme y constante deseo
de dar a cada uno lo que le es debido.”
Emperador Justiniano El Grande». Gracias Yrma Mederos Rodríguez, por recordarnos a está gran atleta. Bertha Díaz fue la mejor atleta de la isla entre 1954 y 1963, la primera mujer en participar en Juegos Olímpicos, en ganar un evento de atletismo en Panamericanos y en conquistar tres veces el título nacional de Estados Unidos en 80 metros con vallas. Nacida el 1 de octubre de 1934 en Lawton, La Habana, se inició en el béisbol femenino y llamó poderosamente la atención de los expertos cuando conectó un jonrón dentro del cuadro gracias a la velocidad de sus… More
Justice is a firm and constant desire
to give each one what is due to him.»
Emperor Justinian The Great «. Thank you Yrma Mederos Rodriguez for reminding us of this great athlete. Bertha Diaz was the island’s best athlete between 1954 and 1963, the first woman to participate in the Olympic Games, to win an athletics event in Panamericans, and to conquer three times the national title of the United States in 80 meters with fences. Born October 1, 1934 in Lawton, Havana, she started into women’s baseball and powerfully caught the attention of experts when she hit a homer inside the frame thanks to the speed of her legs. ′′ Had a long and successful career by adding 258 gold medals, won 16 times the Jose ‘Pepe’ Barrientos National Championship, added three national titles of the United States, two Pan American Games, on one occasion in Central American Games and the Caribbean, I was selected 14 times the best Cuban athlete in the field and track and 12 years the sports figure in the women’s branch, Bertha said. In his time he defeated the best American runners in 80 feet with fences and on the island set more than 28 national records. ′′ Back in the day he imposed world markings on 60 meters flat and 80 with fences, as well as setting dozens of national and continental records the athlete said. At the 1955 Pan American Games, Cuba won 13 medals and Bertha became the island’s only athlete to conquer a golden prey, setting a world record with 7.5 seconds in 60 flat meters. He also reached silver in 80 meters with fences (11.8). That same year she stopped timers in 11.5 seconds in 80 with obstacles, the best time reached by a woman, reducing it to 11.2 in 1956, and falling from the 11 seconds with the best time of her race (10.7) in 1963. In 1956 she travelled to the Melbourne Games as the first Cuban woman to perform at an Olympics. Bertha also competed in the 1960 Rome Games, and while unable to win medals in the great quote of universal sport, he proudly remembers his participation. ′′ I made a great effort and although I was one of the favorite athletes in my specialty, I wasn’t lucky You can’t always win, but it was a wonderful thing to compete alongside the best in the world ‘ ‘, he pointed out. A year before, in the Chicago Pan Americans 1959, she was one of two Cuban athletes to win golden prey by winning 80 meters with fences. She achieved two golds and one silver in the Central American and Caribbean of 1962 in Jamaica. She won the final of 80 with 10.9 fences and 5.50 meters long jumping, being the most prey athlete in those games. He was unable to participate in the Pan Americans of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1963, as he confronted the first problems with the island’s sports leaders. After training with dedication for the Central Americans of San Juan 1966, unexpectedly he was not allowed to enter the ′′ Isla del Encanto ′′ ‘, apparently for fear of leaving the delegation. ′′ The athletes were on the ship Cerro Pelado three miles from San Juan Port waiting for permission to move by boat because the boat was not allowed in. Hours before receiving the clearance came two men and told me I belonged to the CIA and couldn’t compete. They returned to Cuba with a baller and then I was repatriated by the authorities to Cura zaao, and there I was until I could leave for Spain ‘ ‘, he remembered. Since 1968 she lives in Miami and for many years helped as a Physical Education teacher to many young athletes. For her brilliant story she was elected to the Cuban Sport Hall of Fame on March 16, 2003. ′′ I would like to return to Cuba where I have my daughter Ophelia, my sister Noem í who was also a Cuban champion of athletics, grandchildren, grandchildren, nephews and a people I love, but I will do it when my homeland is free says Bertha Diaz. Bertha died last November 20, 2019 (86 years old) at Baptist Hospital in Southwestern Miami after complication over her long arthritis disease (…) ′′ We decided not to make it official until we decided what to do with his body. In fulfilling his will there will be no funeral, his remains were cremated and his ashes spread in the waters of Key West at the closest point to Cuba «, Diaz said. By. The newheral. Marine Martinez.
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