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Curiosidades de nuestra Cuba.

Curiosidades de nuestra Cuba. El chulo más grande que tuvo Cuba, también tiene su historia . Cuba es como una gran Botica (farmacia) de los años 50’s tenia de todo , he aquí la historia de este chulo cubano . ALberto Manuel Francisco Yarini Ponce de Leon, era su nombre
Nacido en La Habana el 5 de febrero de 1882. Fue bautizado en la iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora de Monserrate, como Alberto Manuel Francisco Yarini Ponce de León. Hijo de Cirilo Yarini, cirujano dentista, miembro fundador de la Sociedad de Odontología y catedrático titular de la Escuela de Cirugía Dental de la Universidad de La Habana, y de Juana Emilia, tan virtuosa del piano que llegó a tocar para Napoleón III en Las… More
The biggest pimp Cuba had, also has its story. Cuba is like a great Apotica (pharmacy) of the 50’s had everything, here’s the story of this Cuban pimp. Alberto Manuel Francisco Yarini Ponce de Leon, was his name
Born in Havana on February 5, 1882. He was baptized at the parish church of Our Lady of Monserrate, as Alberto Manuel Francisco Yarini Ponce de Le ónn. Son of Cyrilo Yarini, dentist surgeon, founding member of the Society of Dentistry and professor of the School of Dental Surgery of the University of Havana, and Juana Emilia, so virtuous of the piano that he came to play for Napoleon III in Las Tuiler íasas … Alberto was the last of three
brothers. He studied at the Habanero San Melit ónn school and then continued his education in the United States, from where he returned at age 19 to immediately become a classic representative of the bourgeois youth of his time. Habitual of the Louvre Sidewalk where he flocked every afternoon with his distinguished friends-none of whom worked-to drink a few drinks and show off his custom cut suits, made with the best fabrics and embellished with
yokes, leontines, buttons and tie pins worth fortunes. And later on to their late night sprees. Yarini, of great physical beauty, possessed great natural carrier, increased by his dandism. Always well shaved and better hairstyle, to speak paused, in a low and well modulated voice and with a refinement that came from the crib. He spoke Spanish and English with the perfection of those who don’t have great culture. He was polite, all smiles and refined gestures with the ladies
when he was in the social, political and family world, while in San Isidro he was the handsome one who had to talk to him short and give him lawsuits and respect. Friendly, generous, distributed equally coins and patties among the residents of San Isidro neighborhood, the worst famado in the city, where Yarini was friends with poor and rich, black and white, to whom you could always turn with the certainty of not being put down. He paid with his own money the
rentals of a few old black women removed from prostitution already, who adored and flattered him. From him it was said in San Isidro that he was ′′ man to everything «, a phrase that survived him. He kept at his Paula 96 home between three and seven women who worked to maintain him and he fists and bullets with the worst of the sewers with the same enthusiasm that he would dance to the worst salons in Havana. But he had another life, which included
breakfast every day at your fathers house, meet with the corligionaries of your party, go at night to the th and other elite culture centers and wooing, or be lover, of distinguished ladies of the aristocracy and the high habanera bourgeoisie … Yarini didn’t make a secret of his ambition to run for councilor and, in the not too distant future, to reach the presidential chair. The Apaches, as Cubans called the French pimp gangs of San Isidro
captained by Parisian Luis Letot, perhaps not too violent temperament, who used to say that ′′ women’s living and not dying of them «, and could sometimes be as exquisite as a courtier of Versailles. This is how he behaved with Yarini when he scandalously stole the most valuable jewel from his latest shipment of prostitutes landed in Havana, little Berthe, sister of his
concubine Jeanne Fontaine, and therefore her own sister in law. 21-year-old blonde and blue-eyed Berthe had her as the most beautiful woman who walked the streets of the neighborhood. Yarini himself announced to Letot his relationship with Berthe, and the Frenchman shrugged his shoulders. Not happy with that, shortly after, completely just passed in front of Letot’s house and yelled at him mockery to voice on his neck to keep his bitches very well, because Petit Berthe was not enough to calm the fever
that I had back in the days. Letot, without losing his cool, replied, ′′ I’m going to die once «, and that simple phrase acted like the spell that decreed the strange tragedy where two anti-heroes were protagonists. At that time Yarini shared his Paula street home with three women in perfect harmony. Elena Morales, a mulatto in her 22-year-old flower, Celia Martinez, a beautiful mestizo and discussed Petit Berthe, the French woman he was killed for.
Days later the two kingpins were shot down in a ramming that has never been completely cleared for history, and in which they participated, on one side, Letot revolver in hand shooting at Yarini at point blank range in the street and his armed sidekicks pulling from the rooftops, and the other a Yarini who allegedly failed to fire his gun, followed by a certain Pepe Basterrechea who, one shot in the middle of the forehead, tended to letot over the filthy street stones.
But who was Jose Basterrechea?
The loose end in the violent death of the King of San Isidro was Jose Basterrechea, a young Vizca íno of great physical beauty and height, his best and inseparable friend for reasons that escape total understanding. From humble extraction, he ate in a badass fonda, where Yarini flocked every afternoon on time after dinner at the fatherly house, only to meet Pepito and from there
continue in your company the night walks.
Little is known from Basterrechea, not known as pimp, and since he didn’t work either, Yarini kept him and his mother. Pepito kept until his own death on the main wall of all his homes a full body portrait of Yarini, and it was visibly affected when named in his presence. In one of the photos we post he is standing next to Yarini, in a strangely pose
familiar, almost intimate. Back in the day, such a placement was the usual in couples photos, where the man stood gallantly sitting while the woman stood next to him. Before dying, in the Emergency Hospital, Yarini wrote, in an emergency hospital prescription, a note blaming himself for having shot the bullet that killed Letot with his weapon, exonerating his beloved Pepito from all responsibility.
Ten thousand people attended the
Burial of the King of San Isidro on November 24, 1910. This was the outcome. ·

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