Con cariño y respeto, para todos los que como yo desean la libertad merecida y u

Con cariño y respeto, para todos los que como yo desean la libertad merecida y un cielo de otro color.
Cómo ya lo dije un día…yo no sé nada de política, pero se de amor al próximo y derechos humanos.
Se cuando la injusticia amarra los derechos y pisa cruelmente la libertad que a todos corresponde.
Mis letras dibujan un deseo genuino que deseo con toda el alma suceda.
Los poetas lloramos en letras cuando nuestro corazón se duele y así expresamos nuestro sentir.
¡Quiero que sepan que les quiero bonito!
!quiero que sepan que cada vez que escribo para uds mis ojos se llueven en sincero sentir.!
!quiero que sepan que el día que todo esto se cumpla (porque se que se va a cumplir) yo celebraré a… More
THE END OF FEAR. The fear of dictatorship is over forever!
And courage came along by overthrowing dark night!
Hearts of hope are enlightened in freedom.
And a spectacular sky is painted colors. Who said souls don’t deserve to see the sun?
The sun of freedom for all was created.
It ended up cruel to hold hearts.
And chained thinking Now as the wind runs! And the lights of millions like stars in the sky
Beautify hope and start beautiful comfort. It’s not just for a few privilege to enjoy!
Well we are all the same, let’s have less or more.
Humanity inhabits us no one is worth more than the other.
You breathe the same air and the end is for everyone. For everyone is then the right to live.
Living is living beautiful, living is not just exist!
Conscious conscience awake asleep for oppression.
And the infamous bandage fell that only causes pain. Move slow and secure the change of a great country.
To the one who cut his wings ambition and vile cruelty.
But iconic resurfaces with strength and great fury…
And my heart enjoys giving thanks to the creator. Rosa Andrade
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