InicioTodoThe Paul Anka fiften songs: "Nunca faltaron en los quinces cubanos.

The Paul Anka fiften songs: «Nunca faltaron en los quinces cubanos.

The Paul Anka fiften songs: «Nunca faltaron en los quinces cubanos.» Aquella época de las fiestas de quince forman parte de los recuerdos más gratos que muchos de los jóvenes de esos tiempos atesoran. La historia de muchas familias cubanas se cuentan antes de los quince de la niña o después de estos. En fin tiempos de sacrificios, nerviosismo, ensayos toda una parafernalia alrededor de la que ya ha dejado de ser niña para covertirse en una joven ávida de nuevas experiencias. No obstante, ahora quiero referirme a la música que no faltaba en las fiestas de 15 años: El disco de los 15 de Paul Anka. No había fiesta de quince que no utilizara los compaces de este disco o placa de vinilo que… More
That fifteen holiday season is part of the most pleasant memories many of the young people of those times treasure. The story of many Cuban families is told before or after the girl’s fifteen. In the end times of sacrifices, nervousness, rehearsals a whole paraphernalia around which has already ceased to be a child to cover herself in a young avid of new experiences. However, now I want to refer to the music that wasn’t missing in the 15-year-old festivities: Paul Anka’s 15 album. There was no fifteen party that didn’t use the compacts of this record or vinyl plaque that went out on the street by the work and grace of the soundists of the official government record label. These boys clandestinely recorded songs on virgin plates and then sold them under rope. Thanks to these fearless pirates I managed to have Paul Anka’s plaque, The Rolling Beggars feast and The Beatles White Album. Returning to Paul, the clandestine plates had mixes of Canadian songs from different albums but all 15 songs were the basis of these copies. Paul Anka was born on July 30, 1941 in Otawa Canada at age 79, the singer enjoys fame and respect for all trials. Regarding certain controversies over his unforgettable song ′′ In My Way ′′ it is clear that it is from its full authorship and not from Frank Sinatra as it has been wanted to see. Frank sang it masterfully but Elvis Presley’s version is the one that I think has the most interpretative quality. Thank you Paul… ·

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