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SE DICE Y NO SE CREE PERO FUE VERDAD!! 10 canciones o artistas que fueron cens

10 canciones o artistas que fueron censurados en Cuba Tal vez, Mercedes Sosa nunca imaginó que la radio cubana la censuraría un día, pero otros como Celia Cruz murieron sufriendo la amarga condena de la censura. Así de amplio ha sido el espectro de prohibiciones musicales en la Isla en las últimas décadas. La mayoría de estos artistas sufrieron la censura de una forma algo aleatoria. Un día estaban en la radio y al siguiente ya no podían ser escuchados. A partir de la década de los ochenta volvieron a la radio, excepto los nacidos en la Isla. En el año 2012, la cadena pública británica BBC publicó que, mediante filtraciones del Gobierno cubano, habían… More
Perhaps Mercedes Sosa never imagined that Cuban radio would censor it one day, but others like Celia Cruz died suffering from the bitter condemnation of censorship. This is how broad the spectrum of musical bans on the Island has been in recent decades. Most of these artists suffered censorship in a somewhat random way. One day they were on the radio and the next they could no longer be heard. From the s they returned to radio, except those born on the Island. In 2012, the British public network BBC published that, through leaks from the Cuban Government, they had known that authorities would delete the ′′ list black ′′ with all those artists who could not be heard in Cuba. Today we bring you some cases of songs or artists that were censored in Cuba, with very absurd justifications. 1-A statement by José Feliciano on Puerto Rico’s autonomy would close the doors of Cuba in 1970. Any reason was sufficient for the current Cuban Institute of Radio and Television to decide to leave an artist without possibility of being seen u ear in Cuba. In 2012, the artist said ′′ It’s time for me to go to that country, visit and sing my music to them «, during the recording of a music video in San Juan. But he hasn’t had that chance yet. 2-Nor did Miguel Rios and his Anthem get rid of joy, which derives from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. According to censors he had a marked religious insinuation. 3-Joan Manuel Serrat may find it amazing to think that her song Shortly before the Ten was considered rude for the immoral story of a secret love, something official puritanism could not accept. His long hair didn’t like him either. 4-Carlos Santana was outlawed after he will cause a scandal at Lima City airport, which upset Juan Velasco Alvarado General who was in power, and friend of Fidel Castro. 5-Cubans Olga Guillot, Celia Cruz and Meme Solis were buried in the most unforgiving ban by traitors, their voices, if anything, continued to be heard in the most extreme clandestinity on the penalty of being subject to the revolutionary derision. Perhaps his biggest crime was being born in Cuba and leaving it to succeed. 6-Something similar happened with Secretary, played by Mocedades, a song in which the protagonist sighs for her boss. That, although in this case was something more normal and any official would have wanted it to happen that way. 7-One day Julio Iglesias and Raphael were banned from listening to a Vi ñaa del Mar festival during the Pinochet dictatorship. In addition, the second was supposed to be friendships of the Franco regime. 8-The Beatles fans passed between 1962 and 1964 unable to hear them in Cuba. Everything about rock and roll was wrong at the time. Liverpool boys wore manes and sang in English… weren’t enough reasons to censor them? Although years later Fidel Castro decided in 2000 to create a park under the name John Lennon. He said he was wrongfully censored. 9-Another of the censored was Formula V’s Blas party. As the song’s chorus said they’d had a few extra drinks, some might think it was a party at the house of worker leader Blas Roca. 10-Today when anyone in Cuba already has a music playing team and the chase lost their police accent, the censorship continues on the radio. Very recently, the country’s stations censored Maluma’s Happy Four. Someone pointed out that that letter was ′′ a call to the orgy and sexual misconduct «. Source ·

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