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MARTA ABREU PATRIOTA CUBANA Y BENEFACTORA Seguro que has escuchado a mucha gente

MARTA ABREU PATRIOTA CUBANA Y BENEFACTORA Seguro que has escuchado a mucha gente diciendo: “Si tuviera mucho dinero… si yo fuera millonario… haría tal cosa, ayudaría a tanta gente, regalaría esto o aquello…”, etc. Y puede que esa sea realmente su intención, pero es poco probable que tenga la oportunidad de demostrarlo. Sin embargo, hubo una cubana que, siendo MUY RICA, repartió mucho de su fortuna para ayudar a su prójimo, y de las formas más necesarias. Estamos hablando de la villareña Marta Abreu. ¿Quieres saber su historia? Quédate con nosotros, en seguida te la contamos. Marta de los Ángeles Abreu y Arencibia, nació en Santa Clara, en la calle Sancti Spíritus número 49, el 13 de… More
You sure have heard a lot of people saying, ′′ If I had a lot of money… if I were a millionaire… I would do such a thing, help so many people, give this or that…», etc. And that might really be his intention, but he’s unlikely to have a chance to prove it. However, there was a Cuban woman who, being VERY RICH, shared a lot of her fortune to help her neighbor, and in the most necessary ways. We’re talking about villare ñaa Marta Abreu. Want to know her story? Stay with us, we’ll tell you right away. Martha of the Angels Abreu and Arencibia, born in Santa Clara, at 49 Sancti Spirits Street, November 13, 1845. From highly wealthy family. After his birth, his family moved to an estate in the municipality of Crossroads. In this estate, sugarcane was cultivated using black slaves; but because of her good heart and kindness, Martha was known among slaves as ′′ La Generosa «.
From a young age Marta Abreu travelled through the United States and Europe, where she learned about the progress and freedom her Cuban brothers didn’t have. In 1874 he married Don Luis Estévez y Romero, lawyer, publicist and professor of the University of Havana. Throughout his life he loved his hometown deeply and left artistic works following the Catholic faith he practiced. He made donations of money and ornamental objects to the Church and citizens, such as the Obelisk in memory of the Presbyters Martin de Conyedo and Francisco Hurtado de Mendoza, at Vidal Park of Villa Clara. He built the great theatre La Charity, the same one he donated to pay for the expense of the elderly asylum he also founded. And that was just the beginning of his many charity works.
He instituted the San Vicente de Pa úl asylum for him shelter of poor without shelter; he founded the school ′′ El Grand Cervantes «, where children of race black received education and instruction; he established the Santa Clara Weather Station, equipping it with much scientific material and built a headquarters for the Fire Corps. In addition, he donated the house and equipment necessary for the establishment of the ′′ El Amparo ′′ dispensary, refusing to be named after him.
As if this were little, Marta gave the money necessary for building a bridge and arrangement of the road over the ′′ El Minero ′′ stream, while funding the construction of the railway line from the municipality of Crossroads to the city by Santa Clara.
In his desire to divulge teaching, so late then throughout #Cuba, he founded another new school that he called ′′ School of Good Journey «. In March 1895 he removed the darkness that engulfed his beloved city, equipping it with a plant Electric for public lighting service, and to expand the progress of Villa Clara, established a gas factory.
Pity of poor women who washed clothes outside the river margins, she established four Public Washing Machines with full comfort, whose models she took on one of her trips to Switzerland. Apart from all this, her house doors were never closed for Santa Clara’s poor people who came to her in demand for material help.
We must not fail to mention his great monetary and moral contribution to the cause of independence, giving more than 240 thousand pesos to achieve it to the delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, Tom áss Estrada Palma. He dragged by his example to the rich colony of Cubans in Paris, where he had moved, to cooperate with the cause of freedom. And once the Republic was established, her illustrious husband was named vice president of the first Republican government of free #Cuba. Marta attended Havana to accompany him on May 20, 1902.
At the end of her husband’s term of service, she returned to Paris, where she died on January 2, 1909. Of her, Maximo Gomez said, ′′ Don’t you know the villaclare ñosos, the Cubans all, what is the true value of that lady (…) If she were to submit to deliberate in the Libertador Army the degree that such generous lady would correspond to , I dare to claim that it would not have been difficult to be assigned the same degree I held «. Source: ·

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