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Laura Maria Gil, la hija del ministro cubano de economía y planificación, posa p

Laura Maria Gil, la hija del ministro cubano de economía y planificación, posa para la foto con una hamburguesa gigante. Lo hace con alegría, como dejando saber que ella sí tiene el corazón contento, a diferencia del pueblo trabajador. Justo cuando se encarecen muchísimo más los alimentos básicos, sale esta jovencita a reírse de las familias cubanas. La foto fue compartida por el usuario Julio AJ. A su juicio esto sucede “mientras el régimen prepara psicológicamente al pueblo para el agravamiento del periodo especial” Laura Maria es hija del ministro cubano de economía Alejandro Gil Fernández. Gil es el actual Ministro de Economía y Planificación, que sustituyó en julio del 2018 a Ricardo… More
She does it with joy, like letting it know that she does have a happy heart, unlike the working people. Just when basic food is so much more expensive, this young lady comes out to laugh at Cuban families. Photo shared by user Julio AJ. In his view, this happens ′′ while the regime psychologically prepares the people for the aggravation of the special period ′′ Laura Maria is the daughter of Cuban finance minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez. Gil is the current Minister of Economy and Planning, who replaced Ricardo Cabrisas in July 2018 Not only does Laura Maria’s giant burger draws attention to the post, but the position her father holds. ′′ This would not have any importance in any other country, but this girl’s father is in charge of ‘ planning ‘ the misery of the Cuban people «, the creator of the publication said. Social media images of several children of military and chiefs in Cuba who live the pleasant life, far from effort and concern are already very common. User Julio AJ’s post has several reactions and comments on the social network. ′′ Those are the real communists. That’s how they are. The ones above are socialistoburgues. Keep going to the Plaza «, opio Diego Medina. While Yisel Herrera Santa Fe added ′′ One more proof of why so much effort to keep the dictatorship, rich communist, who live a life of luxuries of the misery of a whole people, Cubans time to wake up, and fight for the freedom of our people are in the hands of thieves and brazen dictators.» Alejandro Gil Fern ándndez is a native of Villa Clara Province and is married to Gina Gonz ález Garcia. With her she has two children, Alejandro and Laura Maria, the young woman who exhibits the giant burger. According to a review from Cubanet, Laura Maria likes to ′′ vacation in Varadero, Russia and Sevilla or visit her aunt and cousin in Tenerife to spend Christmas, as happened this last December.» So the girl likes the good life… And proof of that is the giant burger he sure enjoyed and almost certainly could feed a Cuban family. Source ·

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