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LA MUJER DE ANTONIO… Pues esa pieza que inmortalizó el Trío Matamoros es sin lu

LA MUJER DE ANTONIO… Pues esa pieza que inmortalizó el Trío Matamoros es sin lugar a dudas una de las más famosas de nuestro pentagrama. Sin embargo, lo que tal vez desconozca es cómo surgió este conocido tema música Trio Matamoros Dicen que, como muchas otras, esta creación musical fué resultado del gran poder de improvisación que tenía el compositor Miguel Matamoros. Resulta que a Santiago de Cuba había llegado la compañía de la mexicana Celia Montalbán y esta última traía consigo su perrita pequinesa. Pero sucede que el animalito tenía sus peculiaridades, pues según palabras de Siro Rodríguez, otro de los miembros del famoso trío, la perrita “caminaba to’ñangueá”.😂 Como es de suponer,… More
Well that piece that immortalized the Trio Matamoros is undoubtedly one of the most famous of our pentagram. However, what you may not know is how this well-known theme music emerged Trio Matamoros They say that, like many others, this musical creation was the result of the great improvisation power of composer Miguel Matamoros. Turns out Santiago de Cuba had arrived the company of Mexican Celia Montalb ánn and the latter brought with her little dog. But it happens that the pet had its peculiarities, because according to the words of Siro Rodriguez, another of the members of the famous trio, the dog ′′ walked to ‘ ñangue á «. 😂 As you assume, that motivated Matamoros inspiration. Montalban was given lunch at Santiaguero Hotel Venus. And it was there that for the first time Miguel repaired the pet and immediately commented on his uniqueness to walk. Also at that time she found out that the owner was the Mexican and then the inspiration came to her. The Cuban legendary musician invented a tune by taking foot the verse ′′ Celia’s dog walks like this «, with which he made inspirations. That hit immediately, as Rafael Cueto reported years later, the other members of the Trio Matamoros. But Miguel realized he couldn’t go around singing it as originally conceived. Then changed the verse to another of equal measure and it was forever as we know it today: ′′ Antonio’s wife walks like this «, a chorus of a song that has since performed numerous groupings and artists from our pentagram. Yes To Love Post ·

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