🔊 GRABACIÓN ORIGINAL DE LA VOZ DEL GENERAL DEL EJÉRCITO LIBERTADOR “ENRIQUE LOYNAZ DEL CASTILLO. HABLANDO SOBRE EL DIA QUE CONOCIÓ A NUESTRO APÓSTOL JOSÉ MARTÍ ♥️ El día que nuestro apóstol José Martí, sacudió el polvo de los zapatos a el General del Ejército Libertador Enrique Loynaz.
El Instituto de Historia de Cuba, hace pocos años rescató la voz del General del Ejército Libertador Enrique Loynaz del Castillo de una vieja cinta que atesoraba la entrevista que le concediera en 1950 a Jorge Mañach. En esa conversación grabada Loynaz dejó un testimonio sobre Martí para la posteridad. Aquí esta la transcripción de la entrevista para los que no pueden ver el vídeo. “El sueño de mis primeros… More
The day our apostle Jose Mart í shook the dust of shoes to Libertador Army General Enrique Loynaz.
The Cuban History Institute, a few years ago, rescued the voice of Libertador Army General Enrique Loynaz del Castillo from an old tape treasuring the interview he gave in 1950 to Jorge Ma ñach. In that recorded conversation Loynaz left a testimony about Marti for posterity. Here’s the interview transcript for those who can’t watch the video. My early years dream was
Meet Marti whose speeches he read
always with assiduity. ′′ It is the lucid word of Enrique Loynaz del Castillo the patriot who in 1890 aged only from Dominican to New York
to make the dream of your life come true
meet marti. I made the trip to New York that year to meet the apostle of our independence the interview could not be more touching for me
The Genals of the epic of the ten-year war Serafin Sanchez and Francisco Carrillo took to him. Mart í welcomed us at the same front door with a hug to all three.» General Loynaz counted at 79
years after the hug Mart í the
invited to a small salon where
talked with the most eminent
literati from South America and that one
encounter Loynaz never forgot the traits
physicists and spirituals of Marti. ′′ He was a tall man with an unmistakable tender look at the same time and caressing one since you saw the lighting of his eyes.» But the most glorious event of that encounter between Loynaz and Jose Mart í occurred when he said goodbye. When we went out he took a brush and shook our clothes first to the General and then to me, but seeing that my shoes as usual were neglected and had powder he ducked and without me being able to stop him shook the dust off my shoes It seemed to me then and since then he has kept appearing to me just like Mart í was the Christ of the Homeland Christ washing his disciples feet was not bigger than Mart í that day he wiped the dust off my shoes It is General Loynaz’s thrilled word the only testimony we have today of an insurrect Mambi who was known by the apostle of Cuba’s independence. Listen Here: ·

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