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«El beso de la patria»: La olvidada Moral y Cívica de antaño.

«El beso de la patria»: La olvidada Moral y Cívica de antaño. Corría el año 1958 y en una escuelita pública de mi natal Guanabacoa, todos los viernes, los alumnos nos reuníamos para celebrar el «Acto Cívico».
Para los más jovenes ciberlectores quizá esta evocación no les diga nada, pero si les hablo de los matutinos de ahora y su lema de «pioneros por lo que tú sabes, seremos como quien te cuento» entonces tengan una referencia. En aquellos tiempos el «Acto Cívico» era una exaltación a los valores civiles, las buenas costumbres, el amor al trabajo y el estudio , la historia de los pròceres de Cuba y el pensamiento del apóstol José Martí. La reunión terminaba con el Beso de la Patria, el… More
I was running in 1958 and in a public school in my home Guanabacoa, every Friday, students would gather to celebrate the ′′ Civic Act «.
For the youngest cyberlectors this evocation may not tell them anything, but if I tell them about the mornings of now and their motto of ′′ pioneers for what you know, we’ll be like who I tell you ′′ then have a reference. Back in the day the ′′ Civic Act ′′ was an exaltation to civil values, good customs, love of work and study, the history of Cuban proceres and the thought of apostle Jose Mart í. The meeting ended with the Kiss of the Homeland, the salute to the flag and the national anthem sung by students and teachers.
The Kiss of the Homeland was the recognition of the best student of the week chosen for his discipline and academic results-that is, good grades in exams and tasks.
The chosen student approached the flagpole that was in the center of the courtyard next to Mart í’s bust, unleashed the strings and helped by a teacher unleashed the flag, bobbled it and kissed then solemnly take it to the direction where he taught it until next Monday when the same honoree wasaba for the whole week.
Recognition, besides public through a diploma, was material with one another gift according to the student’s age. I confess that in one opportunity I was selected (my discipline was never one of the best, that’s the truth). The act was not of ideological indoctrination, they simply taught us the love of the homeland, the defense of our identity and patriotic symbols, as well as citizenship and respect for people. That subject of Moral and Civics had in the Kiss of the Homeland the practical application of what our teachers taught us always preaching by example. ·

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