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El 23 de octubre de 1959, comparece el comandante Camilo Cienfuegos en el Canal

El 23 de octubre de 1959, comparece el comandante Camilo Cienfuegos en el Canal 11 de la televisión de Camagüey para informar sobre el arresto del comandante Huber Matos. La conferencia de prensa fue conducida por el periodista y publicista Cebrian de Quesada, con la participación de los también periodistas Frank Prendes, Juan Abel Adán y Manolo de la Torre. Afirma de Quesada que Cienfuegos ante las diferentes preguntas declaró:
A) Que Huber Matos estaba conspirando, pero que como prueba solo presentó unas fotos de la revista “Cuba Nueva” del regimiento de Camagüey, en la que aparecían unos niños en condición famélica.
B) Que Matos había sido escoltado hasta La Habana para ser juzgados por… More
The press conference was conducted by journalist and publicist Cebrian de Quesada, with the participation of journalists Frank Prendes, Juan Abel Adam and Manolo de la Torre. Quesada claims that Cienfuegos before the different questions said:
A) That Huber Matos was conspiring, but that as evidence he only presented photos of the magazine ′′ Cuba Nueva ′′ of the Camag üey Regiment, which featured children in famished condition.
B) That Matos had been escorted to Havana to be judged by Fidel and Ra úl Castro.
(c) That among the most valuable men of the Revolution were the communists, downplaying Matos’s allegations that the process was under Marxist influence.
(D) He called the press yellow and enemy of the People the media that were reporting the executions, defended the executions and denied that innocent people were being shot. On the other hand, scholars of the disappearance of Cienfuegos and advocates of the hypothesis that the senior official was killed, say that the state security agents headed by Osvaldo Sanchez, scary leader of the clash forces of the Popular Socialist Party, first G-2 chief, and who curiously also perished in an ′′ plane crash ′′, were closely watching the Commander. According to these individuals, State Security came to the conviction that Cienfuegos did not believe the plot built around Matos, and that then, for fear of discovering the plot, the Castro brothers ordered his death. According to several versions, a Cuban Air Force officer found a magnetic tape recording data on the takeoff of the two-engine Cessna 310 aircraft, which was traveling Camilo Cienfuegos, but which was also on the tape recorded information that four minutes after decolating Cessna 310, number 53, a British Sea Fury-type fighter took off, under Ra úl Castro’s personal pilot with his 20 mm cannon. drawn. Posts of the time indicate that Commander Camilo Cienfuegos departed Camag üey airport at approximately 6 p.m. on October 28, 1959 in the company of Private Félix Rodriguez and as a pilot Luciano Fari ñasas Rodriguez, who was more than 2,000 hours of flight, and vast experience manning the model of a plane carrying them. According to official reports, the pilot Fari ñasas never reported the route and only once communicated with the base for Commander Camilo Cienfuegos to instruct Captain Mendez, who was in charge of the province. It is important to emphasize that the high areas of the Government noticed the disappearance of Cienfuegos, 24 hours after their departure from Camag üey. It is difficult to understand how a paranoid leadership, who perceived conspiracies everywhere ignored for so long the situation of one of the most important men in the Revolution, which on the other hand came from quelling a supposed military plot. The Revolutionary Government of Cuba, in an official statement, refers to the disappearance of the plane as a result of bad weather between the provinces of Camag üey and Matanzas, however meteorological research on that day claim that the weather was reasonably good. However, several reports indicate that at least the crew of two commercial aircraft reported heavy turbonades. The disappearance of Cienfuegos generated a lot of rumors. It was said that in Aguada de Passengers, Las Villas, a plane crash had occurred; that over central Adelaide had flown a plane making signs of lights until it disappeared north heading to the sea. A surname journalist Vazquez claimed that during Wednesday night he had witnessed an incarnate aerial duel, these statements were investigated and according to the official version were subsequently dismissed. The C-46 plane in which Commander Ernesto Guevara was traveling spotted in Cayo Anguila off the coast of Caibarien, the semi-constructed remains of two devices, one of them appeared to have the Cessna line, later on it was found to be a mistake. Juan Orta, a former secretary of Castro told young poet Ivan Portela, when both were exiled in the Mexican embassy: ′′ I am fully convinced that Camilo’s plane was shot down by orders from Fidel Castro «. Orta que He was assailed three years at the Mexican embassy, he continued to tell Portela, ′′ He was meeting with Fidel when Ra úl Castro and Ernesto Guevara proposed to Fidel: Camilo opposes structural changes in the rebel army, to which Fidel responded. The plan will be carried out, no matter what, not a hundred Camilos will be able to oppose it «. Doctor Orta in his conversations with Portela and articles he wrote in exile, he liked to say that people who were to some extent connected to the mysterious death-disappearance of Cienfuegos suffered a similar fate. – The Sea Fury pilot who allegedly took off shortly after the Cienfuegos plane went missing.
– The plane mechanic who reported British fighter bringing a fully unloaded machine gun died that day because a car hit him.
– The fisherman who said he had seen a fighter plane attacking a plane was driven to Havana to expand investigations and no more was heard from him.
– Commander Cristino Naranjo, Camilo’s personal friend and Invasive Column officer who commanded, who had opened an investigation on his own, was shot at the entrance of Camp Libertad, (former Columbia) because he allegedly had not been identified.
– The enforcer, Captain Manuel Beaton, soon after rises up in arms against the Government in the Sierra Maestra, captured and summarily executed. However, Orta continues his account, a member of the court, Lieutenant Agust ínn Onidio Rumbaut managed to interview the detainee and he confessed that Fidel Castro, Ra úl Castro, Ernesto Guevara, also commander Félix Torres and informer Jorge Enrique Mendoza, were those responsible for the death of Cienfuegos.
– Days later, after preparing a confidential report, Lieutenant Agustin Onidio Rumbaut died in a ′′ hunting accident «. Huber Matos claims, that Camilo Cienfuegos was also unhappy with communist penetration but in turn confessed a man who was totally faithful to the leader of the Revolution. He points out that he once received a pro-Marxist writing that had been included in the publication ′′ Verde Olivo ′′ and that Cienfuegos was upset and held accountable to Ernesto Guevara and Ra úl Castro for the publication. Furthermore, he says that even after his arrest, Cienfuegos never failed to treat him with respect and consideration, an attitude that was informed by Captain Jorge Enrique Mendoza. Matos is of the opinion that these reports precipitate punitive actions against the charismatic commander. After the death of Camilo Cienfuegos and Huber Matos prison, Mendoza’s influence and power increased considerably. Matos refers that Ra úl Castro felt a great dislike for Camilo Cienfuegos because of his popularity and that Fidel Castro feared that Cienfuegos could cause a massive crisis, not only within the structure of revolutionary power but also in the population. He says Cienfuegos criticized the way Castro ran his case, which put the ruler on alert about possible future problems with an individual who had been until that time unconditional. Matos continues, exposing that Castro sent Cienfuegos to arrest him in his office in the regiment ′′ Ignacio Agramonte ′′ with the intention of a shooting that originated in which the famous Commander was killed and thus exit both once and for all all, but who took the precaution to order his officers not to shoot when they were going to stop him, which frustrated the alleged plan. Over the Cessna 310 plane, missing with three men on board, says it has no doubt that it was shot down on order of Fidel Castro. Acknowledges that the pilot, Lieutenant Luciano Fari ñasas Rodriguez, was a highly disciplined man who would not have strayed from the route without having asked for permission. This aspect is also discussed by Doctor Orta, who says ′′ that from the Camag üey air control tower told Cienfuegos that Commander Félix Torres was lost over the sea south of Trinidad, Las Villas, and that it was necessary to participate in their search «. According to the declarant, this prompted a Sea Fury plane to take down the Cessna of Cienfuegos. Moreover, says Matos, who being in the prison of Castle del Morro, Havana, received two messages from Camilo in which he warned him that he would have to testify against him because his personal situation, that of Cienfuegos, was very difficult. He told him that he would be shot and he was willing to help him escape from prison, which the prisoner refused on the grounds that he wanted a judicial process to publicly report what was going on in the country… ·

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