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¡CUIDADO CON LAS SEMILLAS…! Historia y Salud Annona cherimola es un árbol perteneciente a la familia de las anonáceas cuyo fruto comestible es la chirimoya o chirimoyo. A. cherimola, chirimoya, (del quechua chiri, «frío, fría», muya, «semillas», puesto que germina a elevadas altitudes). Es considerada una de las frutas tropicales más apreciadas dentro del género. Los frutos de anonáceas, entre ellos la chirimoya, presentan altas cualidades organolépticas, digestivas, nutritivas y es apreciada por sus propiedades medicinales e industriales. El árbol de chirimoyo requiere de climas secos donde no llueva mucho y donde la temperatura no presente extremos de calor ni de… More
BEWARE OF SEEDS…! History and Health Annona cherimola is a tree belonging to the family of anonaceae whose edible fruit is chirimoya or chirimoyo. A. cherimola, chirimoya, (from Quechua chiri, ′′ cold, cold «, muya, ′′ seeds «, since it germines at high altitudes ). It is considered one of the most cherished tropical fruits within the genus. The fruits of anonymous, including chirimoya, exhibit high organoleptic, digestive, nutritious qualities and is appreciated for their medicinal and industrial properties. The chirimoyo tree requires dry climates where it doesn’t rain much and where the temperature doesn’t present extreme heat or cold. In the tropics it seeks to grow heights between 1000 and 2000 m and is sensitive to mushroom attacks and other pests. Chirimoya only achieves perfection when grown in dry, cool weather. The weather shouldn’t be too wet, and a long dry season favors it. When growing on hot ground, rarely fruit and fruits are of inferior quality. Chirimoya thrives best on franco-sandy grounds, but it can grow well on others, taking care that they are fertile enough, and that they are well-unleashed. Cheers 1. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health. The large amount of potassium content contributes to improving your heart health….
2. Natural antimicrobial….
3. Digestive Properties….
4. Excellent Antioxidant….
5. Antidepressant and calm effect….
6. Protect yourself from Osteoporosis….
7. Help in Pregnancy. One of its benefits is its ability to act as a natural protector against infections and parasites, which is due to its high levels of fiber, niacin and cytotoxins. In addition, from being rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps the organism resist infections. ·

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