“Estancia de José Martí en Zaragoza” José Martí vivió en la ciudad de Zaragoza,

“Estancia de José Martí en Zaragoza” José Martí vivió en la ciudad de Zaragoza, España. Una placa en la fachada del número 13 de la calle de la Manifestación recuerda que allí se alojó el joven de 20 años recién llegado a Zaragoza desde mayo de 1873 hasta noviembre de 1874 con Fermín Valdés, su mejor amigo y cómplice en su pensamiento revolucionario. En Zaragoza realizó su último año para conseguir la titulación de Bachillerato en el Instituto Goya y obtuvo los títulos de Licenciado en Derecho y en Filosofía y Letras por la Universidad de Zaragoza. Durante este periodo también tuvo tiempo para enamorarse, sentimiento que dejó escrito en el siguiente poema, incluido en sus “Versos Sencillos“:… More
Jose Mart í lived in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. A plaque on the facade of number 13 on the street of the demonstration remembers that there the 20-year-old just arrived in Zaragoza from May 1873 to November 1874 with Ferm ínn Valdes, his best friend and accomplice in their revolutionary thinking. In Zaragoza he held his last year to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Goya High School and earned degrees in Law and Philosophy and Lyrics from the University of Zaragoza. During this period he also had time to fall in love, feeling he left written in the next poem, included in his ′′ Simple Verses “: ′′ For Aragon in Spain,
I have in my heart
One place, all Aragon,
Franco, fierce, faithful, no wonder.” ′′ If you want a dumb know
Why I got it I tell him
I had a good friend there,
That there I loved a woman.” ′′ Alla, in the florida vega,
The heroic defender,
For keeping what you think
People play life.” And if a mayor squeezes it
Or angry with a cazurro king
wear the blanket the baturro
And he dies with his shotgun.” I want the yellow earth
The muddy Ebro bathes:
I want the blue pillar
From Lanuza and Padilla.” ′′ I esteem who gives a setback
Throws a tyrant down:
I esteem him, if he is a Cuban;
I estimate it, yes Aragonese.” I love the grim patios
With embroidered stairs;
I love silent ships
and the empty convents.” ′′ I love the florida earth,
Muslim or Spanish,
Where did he break his corolla
The little flower of my life.” The woman Mart í mentioned is the White Zaragozana of Montalvo. Ferm ínn Valdés describes Blanca de Montalvo in his work ′′ Offer of brother ′′ as ′′ a blonde and beautiful and distinguished lady whom Jose Mart í loved “. ·

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